Lisa Thee- An iconic lady who navigates love, life, and work successfully

Lisa Thee was the CEO and co-founder of a minor guard and a successful entrepreneur. Her artificial intelligence software company mainly focused on children’s safety online and in real life. She was born on 14 August 1977.

She is also well known for doing a TEDx talk in 2021; her topic of the speech was “the use of technology to disrupt human traffic in the digital age.” Currently, she is providing services as an advisory board member for engineered medical solutions, Humax, market risks, and Spectrum labs.

She is Speaker, Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Author by occupation. Her education is at the University of Michigan, Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Operations Research Engineering. She is on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook (Lisa Polvi Thee). A lot of videos of Lisa Thee are also available on YouTube.

Story of Lisa Thee

Lisa Thee was born and grew up in the suburbs of Detroit. Her parents were very conscious of her success in life. So they help Lisa thee clearly define a vision of a path to success. Ultimately from the start of her education, she was focused and consistent in her studies.

She has a charming and talented personality. She liked to help others from childhood. Moreover, she wanted to take part in every activity in school. Lisa Thee’s teachers were greatly impressed by her splendid behavior of hers.

She joined the University of Michigan, and she got a STEM-based degree. Firstly she built her career in the auto industry. When she graduated from the university, she did five internships. This was the time when she decided to move to California for job hunting.

She was very fond of tech; ultimately, she had a considerable interest in getting a job in the tech field. At the start, she worked as a figure skater. Her passion was at its peak, but her talent was low for that post.

She was greatly impressed by Brian Boitano and Kristy Yamaguchi. She took inspiration from them. Lisa Thee makes a habit of jumping 100 times a day.

Turning Point of Lisa Thee towards the Career Path

After her hard work and consistency, she has achieved mind-blowing success in the technology field. At that time, she was working as a director of revenue for a $6B P&L. According to her. She was not feeling satisfied with her career.

From 2016 to 2018, she started a non-profit to disrupt the proliferation of child sexual abuse and human trafficking as a side project. She felt very satisfied to work as a voice for voiceless people, especially vulnerable children, and women.

This was the thing that made her know that she could not be satisfied by only selling technology.

Lisa Thee and TEDx Talk!

Lisa wanted to give a speech during the TEDx talk, and it was her wish that she wanted to complete desperately. After a long duration of wait, her dreams eventually came true. In early January 2020, she got messaged that she had been selected to give a speech on its human anti-trafficking work at the TEDx conference.

Lisa Thee got selected for her first application. Less than 1% of the people got selected, and luckily she was among one of them. She started her preparation for the event that was held in August 2020.

No one’s indeed going to know what will happen in the next second. Similarly, she has no idea that her dream will turn into a nightmare in the next three months. In March 2022, the epidemic broke out and shut down everything.

At that moment, she was providing her services as a management consultant at Microsoft and a teacher for the elementary school for her children. Meanwhile, the TEDx talk was also postponed, and ultimately she got more time to prepare her speech.

At the start of the covid, she was not feeling quite well. All of her family got symptoms of covid. Due to the limited supply of testing criteria, they did not get a chance to test themselves. So at that time, Lisa Thee was working as a working parent. In July, I tested as Covid positive.

Her husband recovered in seven days and started his routine task. In the case of Lisa thee, she was severely affected by Covid. She even could not work for 8 hours consecutively. After some time, the regular routine started, and kids started going to school. Ultimately everything started to seem to be on track.

Before she got sick, Lisa Thee had already prepared a good portion of my speech. She was fully confident that she would deliver the best speech. Miss Thee had no idea that she would suffer from post covid weakness that also affects my memory. She practiced a lot to memorize that speech but could not learn it. The rule of TED is not to use any paper or teleprompter on the stage. This thing was making her depressed.

The thing that made her an optimist was her confidence and hope. She hit upon an idea. Lisa recorded herself one day before the event on the stage. On the day of the talk, she spoke without any hitch.

The main goal of delivering that speech was to motivate people that were struggling with chronic covid weakness. And tends to maintain their work life. She wanted to deliver that transition in work is not bad for your profile.

The Main three Traits of Lisa Thee That Made Her Successful

According to Lisa Thee, persistence in a man makes him successful. She was very consistent when she committed something in her life and worked hard without losing hope of fulfilling it. If a person wants to be successful in her life, consistency is key.

The second trait is passion. Lisa Thee was passionate about her work. Passion is what makes someone memorable. The person’s profession should be her passion. Ultimately when a profession becomes passionate, no one can stop a person from success.

The third trait is connection. Make yourself connected to your work and make yourself devoted to yourself. 

The verdict

Sometimes things cannot go the way we decide. In this situation, we should not lose hope and trust in nature’s plan. In the same way, Lisa Thee has to leave the tools that she used as an executive coach. Meanwhile, that transition was beneficial for her.