Liquid wallpaper – silk seamless wall covering

In the past few years, unusual finishing materials such as liquid or “silk” wallpaper have appeared in many stores. What is it and what is their peculiarity? Manufacturers focus on such main advantages of the material as the ability to create a practical, durable and maintainable monolithic coating, similar to fabric with a characteristic silk sheen.

Buyers have long been accustomed to ordinary wallpaper or painted walls, so liquid wallpaper (or silk plaster) will become an unexpected feature of the interior. These wallpapers are quite easy to apply and use, which indicates a good potential for this finishing material.

Liquid wallpaper – what is it

The main difference between liquid wallpaper and ordinary wallpaper is that the first is applied to the wall, and the second is glued. In the form prepared for use, they are a viscous plastic mass, which is applied to the wall using a plastic grater (spatula).

Liquid wallpaper is also often referred to as “silk plaster”. They are pleasant to the touch after application, and when dry they look like a regular mixture of various components. In simple words, it is a completely hypoallergenic mixture of silk fiber and an adhesive component.

In addition, yarn, dyes, mica, glitters and other elements are sometimes included in the composition. The main rule is that the component must be environmentally friendly, as well as give the surface beauty and elegance.

Liquid wallpaper – which one to choose

A huge variety of color options and textures allow you to choose the best option for silk wallpaper for the interior of any room. They look perfect in the bedroom, living room, hallway, office, children’s room.

At the same time, they show themselves perfectly in the kitchen, and on the balcony – rooms with high humidity and constant temperature changes. This distinguishes liquid wallpaper from standard paper or vinyl counterparts.

Silk wallpaper – pleasant to the touch coating. With them, the room looks like it is covered with textiles, which immediately gives it respectability and comfort. For greater originality, choose a material with sparkles. One wall looks advantageous, finished with wallpaper with a rough heterogeneous structure.

If you prefer discreet and at the same time sophisticated finishes, pay attention to pastel, cream, pale pink, golden, coffee or champagne colored liquid wallpapers. Buying a material of a brighter color (rich blue, a shade of spring green, aquamarine, coral, azure) can be recommended to those who want to add accents to the room.

How to care and restore

One of the reasons why you will definitely like liquid wallpaper is that it is extremely easy to care for. This finishing material does not attract dust, and if necessary, you can always repair the damaged area with minimal effort.

Imagine that some time after the repair, a child or you yourself accidentally damaged the decorative finish. What to do? Everything is quite simple: you need to moisten the damaged area abundantly in order to make this part of the wallpaper plastic. Usually, a few minutes are enough for this, after which it is necessary to smooth the area with a spatula, removing the damage.

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