Lipstick Plant Care Guide – How To Keep Them Thriving!


Lipstick plants are easy plants to care for. If you follow these simple steps, they’ll thrive!

1. Watering your Lipstick Plant

The lipstick aglaonema plant  is succulent and it needs water, so make sure to keep it well-watered.

How often should you water your lipstick plant? It depends on the climate in which you live and how much sun or shade your plant gets. In general, watering once a week is fine—but if you have especially hot or dry days in your home (or even just when it’s hot outside), then go ahead and give them more frequent visits!

How much water do I need? You want to give them 1 inch per week of rain or irrigation; this will help prevent root rot from developing during dry spells.

2. Fertilizing your Lipstick Plant

How often do you fertilize your lipstick plant?

What type of fertilizer to use for your lipstick plant?

If you’re looking for a specific type of fertilizer, check out our list here.

What is the best time of year to fertilize my lipstick plant?

In general, spring and early summer are good times for applying fertilizer since they allow for better absorption into the roots as well as higher levels of nutrients being absorbed by the leaves.

3. The Best Pot for Lipstick Plants

The best pot for lipstick plants is one that provides good drainage. This means that the soil in your pot should be able to drain away easily, so you don’t have to worry about excess water pooling around your plant roots and causing rot.

If you want to keep these plants outside in pots all year round, then there’s no need for a fancy drainage system—just make sure there are holes in the bottom of their container so they can get air circulation when it rains or snows outside!

4. Pests and Diseases to watch out for with Lipstick Plants

Spider mites, which are tiny insects that feed on your plant’s leaves, causing them to become brown and dry. To treat spider mites, you’ll want to spray with a diluted solution of insecticidal soap (1 tsp per gallon) every two weeks. You can also use horticultural oil or neem oil as alternatives if you don’t have insecticidal soap available. If the problem persists after treating for several weeks, contact us at [phone number]. We will be happy to help!

5. How to propagate a Lipstick Plant



Seeds (if you have some)

Lipstick plants are easy to care for. If you follow these simple steps, they’ll thrive!

Make sure that the soil is well-drained and has good drainage (check out our article on how to repot your plant).

Do not overwater your plant; it needs only partial sun and watered sparingly during dry seasons.


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