Lipografting By Dr. Thomas Tzikas Gone Wrong

Dr. Thomas Tzikas is a plastic surgeon who practices in South Florida and specializes in facial and neck plastic surgery. Having treated many patients for ten years, he specializes in volume restoration techniques and lip grafting as his main cosmetic surgery procedures.

In facial plastic surgery, the standard of care includes preventing complications, and avoiding injuries is an important part of this standard of care. There is a delicate nature to facial plastic surgery, in which incisions and manipulations are made around sensitive facial muscles, bones, and tissues, and incisions often leave scars.

Plastic surgeons receive extensive training in facial anatomy. These skills help them identify possible complications and avoid them. Doctors can find facial plastic surgery rewarding, but it requires extensive training and skill. Before plastic surgeons can practice independently, they must attend lengthy educational programs and practice with experienced surgeons.

According to reviews published by patients who underwent lip grafting procedures by Dr. Thomas tzikas, they had to face incompetence and lack of work ethic at the hands of a so-called ‘professional plastic surgeon’. Moreover, he looted huge sums of money from many patients, delayed several appointments, and ghosted them as well.

When a middle-aged woman booked an appointment for lipografting with Dr. Thomas after reading reviews on yelp, she didn’t know what she signed up for. When the day of surgery finally came, not only the management staff showed unethical behavior, she had to wait for 6 hours before the procedure started.

During the procedure, she observed that Dr. Thomas tzikas used the unclean surgical tools on her to perform lip grafting and felt uncomfortable during the whole procedure. Immediately after the surgery, the patient felt severe pain on her face and an unusual tingling around her lips.

Going through this traumatic event was one of the worst experiences of her life. She cautioned other people to be vigilant about unsafe procedures and choose someone trained and professional to avoid health risks.

Jennifer Alex

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