Lip Filler: Everything You Need To Know About The Treatment Of The Moment!

One of the most requested treatments lately is the lip filler . In fact, it seems that the aesthetic desire of the most widespread moment among women is to have large and full lips. Fashion, once again, started with the stars and their lips always turgid and voluminous, sometimes beautiful and fleshy in a natural way, sometimes exaggerated and bordering on the ridiculous. Often, in fact, the result of these treatments is completely unnatural and, instead of improving the appearance, it makes those who submit themselves equal to a predefined standard, with excessively large lips and disproportionate to the natural features of the face.

Before deciding to make lip filler, which precisely by virtue of the fact that it is an aesthetic intervention in all respects must be seriously addressed, it is good to know what is going on. We will not give a judgment on how right or not it is to rely on this type of treatment, but since we talk about it too often lightly, we will try to explain what it is, in the most exhaustive way possible.

We are not dermatologists, nor aesthetic doctors, but we have informed ourselves on the subject and, since it is a fairly hot topic, we thought that writing a post could help to do some clarity. To know more about the lip filler, read the post!


We would like to say that we do not support the idea that a certain characteristic or part of the body is “beautiful” simply when it conforms to a certain standard. Beauty, from our way of seeing, is something much closer to self-confidence and feeling at ease in one’s own skin and, therefore, presents itself in an infinite number of forms.

This is why it should not be taken for granted that the fuller lips are necessarily “more beautiful” than those that are less. A mouth can be important and fleshy and therefore represent the strength of a face; or it can be small and subtle and make for this a particular face, sweet, even mischievous and sensual. It is not the size that counts, but the whole.


The filler for the lips are treatments which consist in applying a filler substance, usually hyaluronic acid which, penetrating inside of the skin tissues, increases the volume of the lips and fills the surface micro wrinkles. Thanks to the fillers, the lips become more full and turgid .

“Minimally invasive” treatments are defined because they do not leave particular scars or blemishes, nor do they affect the normal daily activity of those who undergo such interventions.

A fundamental component of the fillers is hyaluronic acid , a substance naturally produced by the human body and one of the most important components of the connective tissues.

One of the reasons that drives many women to take an interest in these interventions is that acid levels decrease with advancing age . Over time, therefore, the lips tend to shrink and flatten and, on the contour, small wrinkles are formed, called periorals .

But there are also many young girls who decide to try the lip filler to have a more fleshy mouth.


The lip filler is not permanent, which is quite reassuring. If in fact the end result looks like Pamela Anderson’s rowboats, nothing is lost forever!

On average they last from 6 to 9 months. Hyaluronic acid is in fact absorbed by the body and the lips deflate slowly and progressively until they return to their original shape.

The healthier the lifestyle, the longer the effect of the filler will last and have a greater yield. Smoking and sun exposure are factors that contribute to a shorter filler life. The constant use of moisturizing and nourishing creams based on hyaluronic acid, on the other hand, improves the performance of the fillers on the lips and on the contour.

Once the hyaluronic acid has been injected, if the result is not liked, there is still time to go back without having to wait for the normal resorption times. The doctor may in fact have a hyaluronidase enzyme that accelerates the process of absorption of the filler.

The treatments can be repeated as much as you want for aesthetic purposes, but the effectiveness will decrease over time: the more you submit to the fillers, the more the body will get used to the acid and will tend to reabsorb it quickly.


The answer obviously depends on each person’s pain threshold. It is good to keep in mind that the lip area is very sensitive because it is rich in nerve endings .

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Nonetheless, and although you are dealing with needles , it is not generally a treatment considered particularly painful. But the difference is made by the hand: it depends a lot on the experience and professionalism of the one who is carrying out the lip filler and facial fillers in Belfast.