Fix: Firmware Update Failed on RE6500. Why?

Did on every log into your Linksys extender Setup RE6500 page you get a pop-up on the screen about a firmware update? But as you try to update the extender firmware, it fails.

If yes, then the issue is quite serious but you can fix it easily but putting many efforts.


So, today we are going to chew some fat about the reasons behind the extender firmware update failure and how we gonna fix it.


Let’s roll the balls!



A Small Guide

While navigating through our this article, you will see:


  • Reasons triggering Linksys extender firmware issues.
  • General steps to fix and update WiFi extender firmware.
  • What to do- when you find firmware update link is broken.
  • Troubleshooting steps to fix the issues while updating linksys range extender.


So, let’s begin with it.


Why WiFi Range Extender’s Firmware Update Goes Badly?


Firmware update failure may occur because of issues with the computer, network security, Internet, firmware update file or at worst with your Linksys wireless extender setup process.


Check out the below list to understand the reasons deeply when Linksys RE6500 extender firmware updates abort automatically or fail to begin.


Corrupt Firmware File


Download & install Linksys RE6500 extender firmware update without scanning the firmware file may land in your WiFi extender with some malware or virus.


Network Security


Hacked or infected network security may also abort the firmware update process to download and install on your WiFi extender.


Important Note: These kinds of update interruptions are monitored and controlled by hackers; as a result, you will find something wrong at your end.


Faulty Hardware


When WiFi extender’s hardware or any other internal peripherals get damaged- you will not be able to install the firmware update on it.


Damaged Cables


If the cables connected to your WiFi router get damaged then, you will not be able to access the Internet. Thus, you will be failed to update WiFi extender firmware.


Connection Issue


Try to place your WiFi range extender half away from WiFi router, the issue of extender update failure will continuously prevail. Apply same distance rule, between your WiFi extender and a connecting device like smartphones, computers, etc.


Poor Internet Connectivity


If you are trying to install Linksys extender firmware update from then, weak Internet signal results to hang you somewhere in the middle of firmware upgrade.


Malware on Computer


Malicious software like worms, Trojan, adware, ransomware, and virus infect your computer in a way that does not allow your extender firmware to get an update. At worst conditions, malware can even stop the installed program functioning.


What to do- if Linksys Extender Firmware Update Abort or Stuck?


Wondering, where to start after your Linksys extender firmware update fails every time – we suggest you start with the below-mentioned easy steps:


Connect your RE6500 to an electric power outlet and ensure that it is powered on and connected to your home WiFi router.

Once connected, open any web browser and visit web address.

Enter the Linksys RE6500 extender default login credentials, if you have not changed them.

If any firmware update is available- it will display on the homepage. You have to simply hit on the firmware update link.

Wait for a few minutes, the process to download the latest firmware may take a few minutes. (Depending on the downloading & uploading speed of your Internet)

Once the Wi-Fi firmware update completes, your WiFi range extender will reboot automatically.