LinkGraph Software Tools: An Overview

In today’s competitive marketplace, companies search for any way to elevate their brand and attract consumers. An effective way to raise your company’s profile is by improving its domain authority (DA) score in the online marketplace. When users turn to search engines, such as Google and Bing, to perform web searches, those search engines search through the billions of websites online to find sites featuring those search terms. Then, the search engines present the sites that have the highest DA scores first.

You can use several resources to increase your site’s search engine results pages (SERP) placement. Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing strategies involve understanding site scores and how to boost site scores. Launch your SEO marketing strategy by using resources such as LinkGraph’s tools and software, which are designed to help you identify issues with your site’s ranking and determine how to raise its DA score.

LinkGraph offers free backlink analysis software.

Positive backlinks are links from sites with high DA scores that feature information related to your content. For example, a comic book writer would likely prefer a link leading to their website from Comic-Con’s website than from a trash removal company. SEO marketing strategies involve adding backlinks from authoritative websites and removing backlinks from spam sites.

LinkGraph’s free backlink analysis software is one type of LinkGraph software you can use to improve your website’s search rankings. Backlinks are links from other websites. Entering your uniform resource locator (URL) into the software’s search bar enables you to run an analysis and learn about the backlinks connected to your website. The software determines the website’s DA score. It identifies how many keywords it found on the website, how many organic visitors the website receives each month, the number of visitors Google directs to the site each month, and the number of sites linked to your website. It also determines how many spam links are connected to your website.

The backlink analysis software lets you identify spam links leading to your site and take steps to have those links removed. Spam links include links from unrelated sites, which may send people to your site who aren’t interested in your services. This negatively impacts your DA score because it will increase your site’s bounce rate, referring to visitors who leave the site immediately without engaging with the content. You can contact the sites that have links to your website and ask them to remove those links. You can also use the Google disavow tool to prevent Google from counting spam links against your domain authority score.

Use LinkGraph’s free bulk DA checker to evaluate other sites.


One way to boost your site’s DA score is to boost the number of backlinks to your site from reputable websites. With LinkGraph’s free bulk DA checker, you can insert multiple URLs to simultaneously check the DA scores of several websites. The tool provides the URL’s page authority score, domain authority score, and subdomain spam score, which identifies potential spam on a site.

When you’re exploring link-building strategies and looking for sites that could generate valuable backlinks to your site, the bulk DA checker can help you assess potential sites. This could help you decide whether to write a guest blog post for a site. Since you can generate a backlink by adding a link to your site in your bio at the end of your post, writing blog posts for sites with solid DA scores will strengthen your site’s score. This is a standard search engine optimization (SEO) marketing strategy used by SEO marketing experts to increase your site’s scores and generate site traffic.

Develop a keyword strategy for your website’s content with LinkGraph’s keyword researcher tool.

Keywords are common search words or phrases people enter into search engines to find information. You can strengthen your site’s DA score by incorporating effective keywords and phrases into your on-site content, as well as including appropriate keywords in offsite content, such as guest blog posts. Your site will turn up on SERPs for appropriate keywords, which is why choosing the right keywords for your content is crucial. It can make the difference between generating organic traffic and boosting site engagement or increasing your site’s bounce rate.

LinkGraph’s keyword researcher software lets users evaluate potential keywords and phrases to determine which terms to use in their content. Users can enter terms into the tool and learn how many times someone searches for those terms each month. The tool also identifies how much cost-per-click marketing using those terms would cost.

Effective SEO marketing strategies involve using features to strengthen your site’s DA score and boost its placement in search engine results. LinkGraph’s backlink analysis tool, free bulk DA checker, and keyword researcher tool enable you to use SEO strategies to boost your site’s profile.