LinkedIn Platform for B2B Marketing


It has quite been some time as LinkedIn transformed from a small professional networking site to a vast professional networking platform. Ever since its formation, B2B marketers have been making use of it for their business and success. LinkedIn is a platform that brings millions of professionals in one common platform, so there is a way to generate more leads. LinkedIn for marketers is an ideal way that any businesses can bring out visibility for them. Businesses can get in touch with social media marketing services in Gurgaon for incorporating marketing through the LinkedIn platform. 

Making use of LinkedIn B2B marketing for your business shows enormous leads for your business. The LinkedIn platform is not that elaborate for marketers, just that you need to join, be active and show your visibility, and get leads. So, what are the various ways to get leads? You should have your LinkedIn style. 

Best Reason For Using LinkedIn B2B

  • It helps to create awareness and helps to increase your reputation. LinkedIn helps to increase your online presence and is ideal for it. LinkedIn is a platform for professionals, and you are sure to be visible over it.
  • LinkedIn features allow you to place yourself as a leader in your specific domain. LinkedIn is all about networking and enables you to identify and be involved with influencers. 
  • LinkedIn is a platform that helps you to generate more leads. The LinkedIn platform provides various ways to identify leads and engage with them. You get a chance to network with potential clients and market them indirectly. 
  • The LinkedIn platform is ideal for social CRM. It gets you a better view on customers.
  • LinkedIn helps you to get more traffic and has a social sharing button. Using social sharing buttons, users can share content. 

Ways to Incorporate LinkedIn B2B marketing

  1. Start your company page into a lead generation – It would be best if you were deliberate to generate more leads from LinkedIn. Leads do not fall directly to your business. You need to work hard to get brand visibility. An ideal method is to convert your business or company page into a lead generation page. This page reveals the necessary information and facts about your company. Your company page will be a pathway for many of the LinkedIn leads to visit your website. On the LinkedIn platform, structure your company page so that it leads to conversions. Here, the conversion is a click-through that takes to your website either to your recent updates or company description. A few tips are:
    1. Make use an image that attracts user’s attention and creates interest
    2. Have a clear company description
    3. Make the recent update as clickable and keep it focussed on conversion


Source – Wix

  1. Generate a Showcase Page – LinkedIn has created showcase pages for organizations for promotion. Showcase pages are an ideal method to segment your inbound LinkedIn traffic. For creating a showcase page, you can create a business unit that connects to a specific target audience. ‘Create a Showcase Page’ is available on your ‘Edit’ section of your company page. Showcase pages were ideally customized for B2B for better lead generation. Showcase pages are ideal for representing a brand, company initiative, and business unit. A showcase page should be focussed to one customer segment and provide the necessary information. For your showcase page, you will get a bigger header image, more update posts on the top, and link to your company. A few tips for a powerful showcase page are:
    1. Like your company page, make it more focussed on conversion
    2. Maintain a shorter post name
    3. Include a familiar name in the showcase page name that the audience will relate to


Source – Hootsite

  1. Make use of Advanced Search – The previous techniques mention inbound ways to generate leads. Next, you need to be aware of the ways to go out and get your prospects. Customers will not come and find you. Instead, you need to go and find them. LinkedIn’s advanced search provides you with a fantastic way to identify the exact people type that your target. From the LinkedIn header menu, click on the people search icon, and then the advanced option. Here, you can filter your search even if you do not possess an upgraded LinkedIn membership. The most significant feature of the advanced option is the search filter by location, industry, current company, profile language, etc. Using advanced search, you can get targets directly. Also, bigger your network, you have a better chance to get more customers. Even though the advanced search gets you, feasible people, the best leads come from those already connected people. 

4. Save Searches – When you perform a specific target search, you need to save it. With saved searches, you can stay active in your prospecting. B2B leads cannot be done in a day or two; you need to maintain consistency to have steady sales. The ‘Save Search’ option is seen from your advanced search that is seen at the upper right corner. Save search not only get you to find the exact search again but also set up alerts.

5. Search Groups – For more lead generation, the search needs to be in detail. You also have groups for a better approach. LinkedIn has millions of groups, and you can be sure to get one many for your domain. One excellent method to find many leads is to search for groups in your domain, join the groups, show some visibility in these groups, and nurture the leads. Using group searches, you can narrow down your search with category, language, and so on. While looking out for groups, check with these features:

    1. Highly relevant
    2. Active
    3. Medium size

6. Start Groups – LinkedIn groups provide you with a lot of networking opportunities. You can get the power of groups by creating one. When you join other groups and interact with group members, you can identify another chance to form a group. When you are the group owner and moderator, you get control over it that leads to being visible in the domain.


7. Publish Content – LinkedIn has an influential content publishing platform. You should use it if you are serious about B2B marketing. When you create quality content, you change your strategy from outbound marketing and create an inbound strategy where you can get in users who find your offer attractive. You can do this either by publishing content as an individual or company. 


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8. Engage – The main aim of B2B marketing is to connect with potential customers. When you are done with communicating with prospects, tell then you will be connecting with them over the LinkedIn platform. When they come across your connection request, they would accept more likely, and this goes down the sales funnel. Ensure that you visit the prospects profile page before you engage with them. This would increase your profile and expertise that generates leads.

9. Post Relevant Content – To have a steady growth in your business, you need to post a few times per week. Split content in the ratio of 50 % that talks about your brand, 25 % that talks about the sector, and the other 25 % that talks about the themes and any issues that inspires you. Also, you can re-post other content like:

    1. Business page posts
    2. News or industry insight


Source – The Profitable Firm


So, see LinkedIn as a platform for marketing. Make use of these strategies to get visibility for your brand. LinkedIn shows a lot of opportunities and is an ideal platform for B2B marketing.