Link Building With Content For SEO: The Complete Guide


One of the most significant ranking factors used by Google is the link. Through links, search engines explore new content and judge the quality. When a website receives a high-volume quality link from external websites, it makes your content more trustworthy.

Moreover, many B2C and B2B organizations use inbound marketing to create valuable content in their content marketing strategy. In this blog, Activeseoshield will provide you a detailed overview and the tactics to develop likable high-quality content for your website and content for Link building.

What Is Link Building?

When you work at attaining hyperlinks from other websites to your own, it is known as link building. Hyperlinks are the way users navigate different pages on the Internet. These links are used by search engines to drag the web between the individual pages on your websites and the links between the entire website. Thus, Link building strategy is the best way you can rank your website in search engines.

How To Create Linkable High-Quality Content For Link Building?

Creating Linkable High-Quality Content

When you create linkable and well-crafted content, it helps in building links to your website. The high-quality content includes:

  • Well-researched and accurate information
  • Engage directly with the target audience
  • Comprises of remarkably written contents
  • Using suitable images, graphics, and infographics
  • Complete and updated while publishing

However, if you want to succeed in these five points, you need research well before the content-creating process. It is extremely essential for creating high-quality content. You can also start with Guest posting to create content and acquire links. Guest posting services provide you a greater benefit in the entire content creation process.

Link Building Strategy For Linkable High-Quality Content

After guest posting the high-quality content, your next aim is to build links to it. It can be achieved in several ways.

  • Playing number games
  • Obtaining as much acknowledgment as possible for the content
  • Collaborating with people to link to the content
  • Opting for guest posting services.
  • Answering inquiries
  • Merging content

Each of the above steps is essential as they help you in acquiring links to your linkable high-quality article.

Developing High-Quality Backlinks With Quality Content

You can create a high-quality link building strategy by keeping in mind the following steps:

  • Creating valuable, accurate, updated, complete, and long-form (up to 1000 words) content.
  • Inserting specific research, expert opinions, and genuine resources.
  • Creating social proof like shares, likes, and comments immediately after publishing the content.
  • Obtain exposure via social advertising and outreach to people sharing similar content.
  • Obtain links via direct outreach to people linking to similar content.
  • Obtaining links through answering questions on Q&A networks, forums, and social media groups.

While writing quality content, follow these steps abruptly and create linkable high-quality content on your website. It assists you in generating authority for your domain with a great editorial link.


Link building is about quality, diversity, and building good relationships. Hence, you should focus on creating a good website with quality content in it. The more quality links the web page has, the better it will rank.

Terra Wilder

Terra is an editor and writer based in Singapore. she’s also spent the last 5+ years freelancing for creating online businesses and currently working as Editor for Digi hub