Lightsabers- How to Own One of These Ultimate Movie Weapons

Every true Star Wars fan understands the excitement that comes with hearing the buzzing or humming sound of a lightsaber. In the Star Wars universe, these iconic weapons (which Jedi’s have to construct by themselves as a rite of passage) are filled with pure energy and can cut through almost every material. The allure of this weapon has made every hardcore fan of the movie want to own one. So how do you go about owning one of these ultimate movie weapons? Keep reading to find out.

Buying Directly From a Company

There are several companies like Padawan Outpost that sell different types and models of quality lightsaber replicas. In fact, some of the best lightsabers on the market today are made by these companies. A simple Internet search will lead you to a list of all these companies. You can also read online reviews about these companies and the models they produce before settling on the one that is best for you. Bear in mind that purchasing a lightsaber replica directly from the company can be quite expensive.

Online Retail Shops

Another way to own a lightsaber is by getting one from online retail shops like Amazon. In order to get the best quality when buying a lightsaber online (especially if it’s your first one), it is important to know what features to look out for. Some of the key features a good quality lightsaber replica must possess include; a durable and good quality hilt (preferably metallic), good quality blades (removable blades are ideal), authentic sound effects, and colour switching features (manual or automatic).

Custom-build Your Own Lightsaber

Just like the Jedi’s and Sith’s Lords constructed their own individual lightsabers in the Star Wars universe, you can choose to custom-build a lightsaber that is distinctly yours. There are several Star Wars-themed workshops that you can pay to visit and custom-design your lightsaber by yourself. These workshops typically have all the materials you need to bring your creation to life readily available at the shop. They also have staff who will be there to guide you as you create your own unique lightsaber.

Alternatively, you can choose to make it a DIY project. In addition to being cheaper than buying a lightsaber replica, you get to have fun while adding your own creative touch to the design. If you’ve chosen to take this route, you will need to start by deciding on what colour you want your lightsaber to be. Once you’ve settled on a colour, proceed to surf the Internet for easy DIY guides on making your own lightsaber at home. Most of these guides will include items you can find around the house. You may also need to purchase some items (like your power and light source) from a local hardware shop. With dedication and proper attention to detail, you should be able to complete the DIY project in a few hours tops.


Without a doubt, a lightsaber is a must-have addition to any Star Wars collection and above are some of the ways you can go about owning one.


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