Lighting Up Your Patio

Building your patio is only the first step in having a truly exciting outdoor experience. You would need to look at other things as well. Furniture is one thing. Lighting is another important thing that you should look at when you want to enhance the quality of your home. So, in this post, we would take a look at some of the tips that you should follow to literally light up your patio.


Let us start with the cheapest option out there. Try to invest in the sturdy ones as paper lanterns and other such materials would not be able to take the beating that they have to take when they are exposed to the elements. Just take a look at the some of the options that are available for you and then take the help of professional patio contractors and get their recommendations to choose the right option for your patio.


If you have a pergola at your patio, then clearly the best option for you would be to go for a chandelier. Now, people often make a lot of mistakes when it comes to choosing the right chandelier. Remember it’s your patio, not your living room! So, don’t go for big chandelier that dazzles people. They are fit for your living room, may be not so much for your patio. So, you would need to go for something simpler. There are a lot of options for minimalist chandelier which would help you to make your patio a comfortable and relaxing spot for you and your family.

Wrapped Trees

This type of lighting might not serve any functional purpose. That is to say that they don’t light your patio area enough so that you can read or cook. But they surely make your patio more attractive. So, what are wrapped trees? Well, if you have any trees near your patio, you can simply wrap it up with string lighting. This would make your landscape more prominent and also spice up your patio in a way that would make people go wow!

Fire Pit

This is another great way to light up your patio and also add a good deal of aesthetic value to your home. In fact, it can serve other purposes as well. For example, it would make your patio a favourite place for you and your family to spend some warm and cosy moments during those chilly winter nights!

These are some of the ways in which you can light up your patio. Now, it is important that you keep the lighting in mind when you are building your patio. Contact professional patio contractors in Redwood City and get their help to make the patio that you have always dreamed of.