When setting up a home office, one would first consider getting a comfortable chair to prevent backaches, then a table that can accommodate the files and computers. Of course tables and chairs are important members of your office, but do you know what is just as important? Work lighting.

One of the new normals COVID-19 brought is the surge in remote working, and it seems to be here to stay. This means home offices too may become permanent features. For this reason, there is need to make it as stylish and ambient as possible.

What to know when picking work lights

When shopping for work lighting, it is not okay to order just any kind of lighting. Picking out lights should be based on certain considerations like size of your space, type of lights, style and capacity of lights. You do not want a situation whereby work lights are too bright or dim, or the color of the lamp doesn’t match the style of your office. Getting your home office lighting right will not only ramp up productivity but also protect your eyes.

How to lighten your home office

Lighting up your home office can be a fun experience especially when choosing work lights by yourself. Here are five tips to guide you when lighting your office space;

  1.  Use natural light

It is important to choose a location in the house where natural light supply is rich and not too overwhelming. Sunlight has a way of keeps you awake and energized, and that is very good for productivity. Another advantage is that sunlight eliminates the need for extra light sources and will help you conserve energy during day.

  • Choose indirect lighting sources

It isn’t recommendable to work with direct and harsh light. It is best to buy lamps that radiate subtle lights. An example of this is a bedside lamp. It is more calming to the eyes, and it illuminates the office adequately.

  • Position your lights properly

Whenever choosing a spot for the lights, look out for positions where they will not cast shadows and glare on your work. It can be annoying and distracting. Placing the light source behind you will definitely cause this so you can try out other positions.

  • Use sizeable lights

This advice is for people with small home offices. Most home offices are not spacious so it is noteworthy to shop for smaller table lamps and larger overhead lights. Buying overhead lamps will free up ground space while table-top lamps will serve as indirect sources for late night assignments.

  • Use corrective and decorative lights

For people with eye problems, constant white light can be monotonous and worsen their condition. It is never superfluous to get decorative lights. They are dimmer, colorful and calmer for the eyes. Are you interested in making your home office a perfect place to work?  Let us help brighten up your home office. Shop for assorted work lighting with us.


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