Lighting As A Service (LaaS) For Correctional Facilities: Importance, Features, And Applications

In today’s rapidly advancing world, innovative solutions are revolutionizing how individuals approach various aspects of their daily lives. One such groundbreaking concept is Lighting as a Service (LaaS), which has emerged as a game-changer in correctional facility management. 

With its unique approach to lighting infrastructure, LaaS offers unparalleled advantages, transforming how people illuminate correctional facilities. That said, this article will shed light on the importance, features, and applications of LaaS specifically tailored for correctional facilities.

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Importance Of Lighting In Correctional Facilities

Prison lighting is crucial in functioning correctional facilities, such as prisons and detention centers. Its importance extends beyond visibility, as it directly impacts security, safety, and the overall well-being of inmates and staff.

  1. Enhancing Safety And Security

Providing correctional facilities with LaaS can significantly enhance safety and security. These systems offer numerous advantages in terms of improving the overall safety and security of correctional facilities, such as:

  • Ability to customize lighting levels for specific areas.
  • Automated alert systems that sound an alarm when motion is detected.
  • Automatic shut-off when lights are left on for too long.
  • Enhanced visibility through improved lighting quality.

These features make LaaS a powerful tool for maintaining security in correctional facilities. It allows staff to monitor activity more closely and respond quickly to potential threats.   

  1. Supporting Effective Surveillance Systems

Using LaaS systems can improve the surveillance capabilities of correctional facilities. It’s an energy-efficient lighting system that uses digital controls and sensors to adjust the brightness and color temperature according to the needs of the facility in order to enhance its safety and security. 

This technology allows for automated, real-time monitoring of activities within a correctional facility through intelligent lighting that provides motion detection, facial recognition, and other analytics. 

By providing constant illumination throughout all facility areas, LaaS helps prevent dark spots where criminal activity may occur without detection. 


  1. Creating A Conducive Environment For Inmates And Staff

Creating a safe and conducive environment for inmates and staff in correctional facilities is essential for the successful operation of these facilities. By leveraging LaaS, correctional facilities can:

  • Reduce inmate idleness by providing proper lighting for activities like reading and studying.
  • Increase visibility for guards patrolling the facility.
  • Prevent accidental injuries due to poor lighting conditions.
  • Create an aesthetically pleasing environment that encourages positive behavior.
  • Allow staff to work more efficiently in well-lit spaces.
  • Cut energy costs with modern LED lights that are energy efficient.

With LaaS, correctional facilities can create a secure, comfortable atmosphere that meets the needs of inmates and staff.

  1. Psychological And Physiological Benefits Of Proper Lighting

Adequate lighting can have psychological and physiological benefits, such as improved mood and increased alertness. This is particularly important in correctional facilities where the proper light level can help to create a conducive environment and improve the quality of life for inmates and staff alike. 

Research has shown that optimal prison lighting can help reduce stress by providing security and comfort. Additionally, having adequate lighting within the facility can help improve focus and productivity among inmates engaged in various activities during their time there.

Lastly, research has shown that adequate illumination levels can reduce eye strain, minimize fatigue, improve visibility, and enhance sleep patterns. 

Features And Components Of LaaS

LaaS is an innovative solution for correctional facilities that can help to reduce energy costs, improve operational efficiency, and enhance the overall safety of inmates. It provides a comprehensive suite of the following features:

  1. Lighting Infrastructure Assessment And Design

Assessing and designing an appropriate lighting infrastructure is essential for successfully implementing LaaS in correctional facilities. A thorough assessment should identify the type of LED luminaires required, such as high bay or low bay fixtures, and the number of luminaires needed for sufficient light levels. 

The design must also consider other factors such as emergency lighting, controlling systems, occupancy sensors, natural daylighting, and dimming capabilities. As part of this process, life-cycle cost analysis can be used to determine which type of luminaires would be most cost-efficient over time, considering both initial installation costs and ongoing maintenance costs.  

  1. Energy-Efficient Lighting Fixtures

In order to improve energy efficiency in correctional facilities, the implementation of energy-efficient lighting fixtures is essential. Lighting infrastructure assessment and design can be used to identify potential areas for improvement and ensure that all fixtures are up to date. 

Energy-efficient lighting fixtures use less electricity than traditional systems and have improved light quality with a better color rendering index (CRI). This helps decrease utility costs while providing a more comfortable environment for inmates.  

  1. Smart Lighting Controls And Automation

Smart lighting controls and automation systems provide the ability to program and adjust light levels and enable automated scheduling based on occupancy or motion sensors. This technology can help correctional facilities save energy by automating dimming lights when not in use or only turning them on when necessary. 

Smart lighting control systems also allow for remote monitoring of individual fixtures so that they can be adjusted from a central location if needed. Furthermore, these systems can create preset scenes to meet specific requirements such as security surveillance or maintenance activities. 

  1. Maintenance And Monitoring Services

Maintaining and monitoring correctional facilities requires comprehensive services to ensure the proper functioning of lighting, HVAC, access control, and video surveillance systems. LaaS for correctional facilities provides maintenance and monitoring services to maintain these systems. 

Many LaaS providers offer remote monitoring and reporting capabilities that allow facility managers to monitor their lighting systems from anywhere with an internet connection. This enables facility managers to detect potential problems before they become expensive repairs or replacements. 

  1. Data Analytics And Reporting

Data analytics and reporting provide essential insights into the performance of correctional facilities’ lighting systems, allowing for accurate assessment and optimization. By collecting data from sensors in each light fixture, LaaS providers can analyze and report on various metrics such as energy consumption, maintenance reports, product lifespan, operating time cycles, and more. 

This allows administrators to gain a better understanding of their overall lighting system performance so that they can make informed decisions about how to improve it.  

Applications Of LaaS In Correctional Facilities

LaaS has become increasingly popular in correctional facilities due to its ability to provide the following lighting solutions:  

  1. General Lighting In Cells And Common Areas

Adequate lighting in cells and common areas of correctional facilities is essential to a safe and secure environment. Lights must be bright enough to enable visibility for security staff while being dim enough to allow inmates to sleep during the night hours. To achieve this balance, LaaS systems are used, which provide the following features:

  • Automatically dimming or brightening according to time of day and natural light levels.
  • Motion-sensing capabilities that allow lights to switch on when movement is detected.
  • Ability to adjust brightness levels from remote locations with minimal disruption.

These features make LaaS an ideal lighting solution for correctional facilities, allowing staff to maintain effective safety standards at all times without compromising the comfort of inmates.

  1. Exterior Lighting And Perimeter Security

While general lighting provides illumination for the interior of correctional facilities, exterior lighting is also necessary for perimeter security. Exterior lighting can be used to deter and detect potential threats from outside the prison walls, as well as provide visibility for officers patrolling the area. 

LaaS can offer a cost-effective solution that allows correctional facilities to benefit from modern technologies while reducing energy costs and improving maintenance operations. These systems can enable automated outdoor lighting control with motion sensors, timers, photocells, and dimming capabilities.  

  1. Task-Specific Lighting In Work Areas

Task-specific lighting is essential for work areas in correctional facilities, providing visibility and safety while allowing for greater efficiency. This includes lighting that can be adjusted to give the right amount of illumination for specific tasks, such as surgeries, maintenance or repairs, or recreational activities. 

  1. Emergency Lighting And Backup Systems

Emergency lighting and backup systems are critical to ensuring a safe environment in correctional facilities. These systems protect against power outages, sudden surges or power drops, and other emergencies. In an emergency, they can provide temporary light to guide people away from danger and access exit points quickly. 


Implementing LaaS in correctional facilities is a cost-effective and energy-efficient approach to optimize lighting solutions. It enables the facility to make real-time, data-driven decisions that help reduce energy costs while creating a secure environment for inmates. 

In addition, LaaS provides numerous other benefits, such as improved operational efficiency and enhanced quality of life for inmates and staff. Thus, LaaS can be an invaluable asset for any correctional facility looking to improve its operations regarding cost savings, energy efficiency, security, and well-being.