Lifestyle changes to improve erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (or ED) isn’t an isolated problem in a man’s life. We can see that many factors contribute to erectile dysfunction. The most important is lifestyle.

Men age and lose their sexual prowess. They start to age due to many mental and physical changes. This is not something that happens to only the elderly. There are ways to get through a mid-life crisis. These lifestyle changes can make it easier to improve your ED.

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Stop SmokingErectile dysfunction is caused by this. Smoking is a major factor in penile dysfunction. It hardens the arteries, blocks blood flow and causes erectile dysfunction.

Exercise Regularly:Regular exercise can make a difference in your health. Exercise can improve erectile function and help you feel relaxed and refreshed. You should exercise for at least 20-30 minutes every day, and preferably more than once a week. According to current research, you should exercise at least five days per week. Begin by exercising for just a few minutes every day, and gradually increase your time to exercise until you reach 30 minutes.

Reduce StressStress is a common problem for everyone. It can also be a cause of erectile dysfunction. How to cope with stress is by identifying stressors in your daily life and learning how to reduce them. It is important to learn a way to relax and use it often. Even if it is only for a few moments, allow yourself to be quiet. Reexamine your expectations, especially those that are unrealistic. Be positive and accept the fact that you can’t control certain events. Set realistic goals.

There are several major health conditions that can be attributed to erectile dysfunction

It is now common knowledge that many men aged between 40 and 70 have experienced erectile dysfunction. Most people believe it is due to aging. Although aging does have an impact on erectile function it is not as simple as many believe. Studies are showing an increasing link between severe health conditions and erectile dysfunction. It is possible to get or maintain an erection, which can indicate that something is wrong with a man’s health.

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These are 6 conditions that can cause erectile dysfunction.

1) Heart Attack and Stroke

Erectile dysfunction (ED), is one of the most obvious signs that a man may experience when his arteries are blocked. It is so common that as many as 30% of men with ED have some type of hidden blockage or heart disease. Blocked arteries can mean that there is reduced blood flow to the organ it supplies. Because they are so small, the penis has the first arteries to block.

In the past 5 years, several studies have examined the link between heart disease (ED) and heart disease. This active link is so strong that 15% of men diagnosed with ED will experience a stroke or heart attack within five years.

2) Coronary Artery Disease (CAD).

CAD refers to an illness where cholesterol and plaque build up in the arteries, causing them to become stiffened and narrower. It is the leading cause of heart disease and death in America. Numerous studies have shown a connection between ED, the lining of blood vessels, and the endothelium. Endothelium that is damaged will not relax and prevent blood from flowing to the penis.

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3) Diabetes

Diabetes is the most closely linked to ED. This strong connection means that diabetic men are six times more likely than others to develop ED. Diabetes not only disrupts blood flow, but also damages nerves. Diabetes can also cause strokes or heart attacks.

4) Liver Disease

Due to its ability to reduce testosterone production, this disease is often linked to ED. This causes a decrease in sex drive. Liver disease patients have higher levels of the sexhormone-binding globulin SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) and lower levels of albumin. This is because it reduces a man’s testosterone levels. As drive drops, so do erections.

Additionally, liver disease can be caused by alcoholism. This increases the chance of developing ED. Alcohol abuse can also damage the arteries that supply blood to the penis.


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5) Dementia

The fifth and most likely cause of prostate cancer is this fifth disease. It is not clear whether dementia causes ED. Both have the same risk factors like high cholesterol, diabetes and atherosclerosis. A 2015 study also found that men with ED have a greater chance of developing dementia than those without the condition.

6) Prostate Cancer

Although prostate cancer is not directly linked to ED, it can be caused by the treatment methods used to treat it. Both can cause damage to nerves and blood vessels which could lead to decreased blood flow to the penis.

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