Lifeguard Recertification Training with First Aid

From many other lifeguard associations, the American Lifeguard Association is quite dominant among people. Because the American Lifeguard Association has fewer training fees and provides a better level of lifeguard recertification. 

No doubt, Spa Foundation, and Global Lifeguards also support and promote the American Lifeguard Association(ALA). The primary purpose of ALA is to make beaches, waterways, and swimming pools safer with reduced drownings cases.

The American Lifeguard Association (ALA) is founded in 1990 becomes the top safety and aquatic training program in the US. It is pretty famous that ALA delivers enticing safety training and delivers quality health worldwide. 

Let’s discuss the fee structure of lifeguard recertification. 

Fee Payments

People love this training because it has a low rate compared to other associations, even you can pay through installments. If you want to pay the full fee at once, then you have to give $155, or in the case of installments, $38 will be your single installments. 

After that, the association offers you another benefit. Suppose you didn’t get satisfied with the training or price, then there will be a 30-day price match guarantee. Same as the company offers a 30-day full money-back guarantee. 

Besides, you will learn the safe and better use of aquatic environments from the American Lifeguard Association (ALA). To get the lifeguard recertification review, you can take help from Good Morning America, NBC Today Show, and Weather Channel. 

Further, more than 250000 individuals have joined the training worldwide. After completion of lifeguard certification, you will continue from Continuing Education Unit (CEU) and elective credits in college. No doubt, each candidate will receive a certificate from the American Lifeguard Association. 

So you should join ALA today and become an active member of the Lifeguard Association instead of another day. 

Lifeguard Training Requirements And Steps To Move Forward With ALA

You can make yourself register by clicking on the given link. After that, in your email, you will the links to all the online training videos. Don’t worry because the company has extensive experience and deep research of years. And these videos will cover First Aid, CPR, and AED. 

After that, you have to do your lifeguard recertification test online. To get a pass, you have to achieve 80% marks in training. Further, the videos will be available for you, and you can review them anytime you need. Same as you will receive a completion program email.

The Skills You Learn

Now, I will tell you the entire setup and details of the skills you will learn from the American Lifeguard Association.

Swimming Skills

To enroll in swimming skills, the followings are the lifeguard requirements that you have to fulfill. 

Are you able to swim without any stop up to 300 yards? And in these 300 yards, swim through freestyle up to 100 yards, secondly breaststroke for 100 yards. In the last 100 yards, you can apply any style, either breaststroke or freestyle. Remember, freestyle is famous as front crawl. It will be the first phase of your test.

Meanwhile, in the second stage, can you carry weight from the bottom of the pool in a time limit of 1:40 minutes. 

Rescue Skills

Rescue skills are also quite valuable skills. You will learn every type of skill in it. Simple assist, throwing assist, use of backboard, head hold escapes, and many other skills like them, you will come to know from all of these.

Injury Caring Skills

At pools and beaches, people get injured. So to overcome such matters, American Lifeguard Association teaches you how to stabilize the neck, head, and back hurts. Same as you will learn how to deal with face down and face up victims in shallow water and deep water. Meanwhile, you can use the backboard in deep and shallow waters.

CPR/AED Skills 

CPR skills prove helpful when you have to deal with some serious matter. So you will learn basic assessments and how to rescue the breathing of children and adults? Same as, you will be able to deal with conscious and unconscious choking for children and adults. In short, you will learn all the AED/CPR skills.

First Aid Skills

First aid skills are a top part of lifeguard recertification. Here you will learn all about the second assessment and how to control the bleeding during injures? How to apply a soft splint, sling, anatomic splint, and binder? In such a way, there becomes a fantastic scenario of skills. 

After learning all these skills, you can apply for lifeguard jobs, which means it’s pretty good. And as you know, saving a life has how much importance. ALA has saved more than ten thousand live in the last century. 

In the end, don’t hesitate to register, but you should confidently register yourself. Even the association fulfills the international standards. For any queries, you can American lifeguard association.