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Liberty Consultants is a leader in delivering top-notch disaster services. The company helps leaders and professionals respond to any issue that threatens to disrupt lives. Since 2013, Liberty Consultants has worked with businesses and families impacted by both natural and man-made disasters. Liberty Consultants helps businesses and individuals preempt issues before they become major misfaults. With their experience in helping everybody through any blow, Liberty Consultants steps in to be the strategic partner one would need in these instances.
“We want to be part of the solution and not the problem,” said Carlos Duarte, a Vice President of the Disaster Consultants. “Chevron experienced a double whammy; the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was both a major oil spill and a man-made disaster. We referred a disproportionally large number of families impacted by both. We’ve seen families lose loved ones at sea, then work on recovering their careers and homes at home — and this puts a tremendous financial strain on families that have nothing. We can help with both the financial and emotional burden.”
Please consider donating to KW Cares, an organization helping the families of its associates.
Liberty Consultants is a wealth management company that focuses on Wealth Management, Investment Planning, and Personal Financial Services. Proprietary and Global Risk Management, as well as Income Taxation, are some of their services. Their flagship firm is based in St. Louis, Missouri and offers full-service personalized solutions, tailored for individuals and families. Also look on Facebook.
“Having office space to conduct business has its pros and cons,” Duarte said. “In the immediate aftermath of natural disasters such as fires, we used our space for recovery work. But as school starts back up, and St. Louis continues to recover, our staffing needs increased and fell behind on some cases due to the sheer number of calls we were taking. We’re adjusting the business model (shift from an Offices and Workspaces model to a Multi-Location model) through partnerships, allowing us to expand to a line of business we weren’t able to before. Our commitment to being a resource for families continues.”
Through donations and other resources, KW Cares is busy supporting families in both the immediate wake of a natural or medical disaster, and over a longer period of time. Please consider donating to KW Cares, an organization helping the families of its associates.
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Pamela Sorrentino, a life management executive, based in Miami, Florida, has volunteered with KW Cares since its start. Her passions are education and helping families rebuild after disasters and need a USDA loan in Missouri.

Non-profits apply to have donations processed on Keller Williams website to qualify for funding. Because of the wonderful response, and the fact that Keller Williams is a non-profit company, they decided to continue the kindness by hiring a company dedicated to helping those in need with a specific viewpoint to everything Keller Williams. That company is Liberty Consultants.
Gary V, founding partner and managing partner of Liberty Consultants, gave the following statement, saying, “Our mission is to enable and help our clients get the best experience possible in all aspects of their operations, regardless of the challenges that come from a business perspective. Through KW Cares, we help fund lifesaving relief efforts for those who have been directly affected by natural disasters and are in need of financial capability to make it through these challenging times. Our thoughts are with the families who may have been directly affected by the recent storms and wildfires in North America.”
Kevin C, Vice President of Finance and Administration at Liberty Consultants, says, “The objective of this non-profit is not just to take care of those in need now; it is to be proactive when it comes to helping other families during future natural disasters. From day one, we worked closely with Keller Williams to grow the charity and we are pleased to continue to join in the efforts to support families during these trying times, and know that not everyone will have the same experience that we have.”
The Kansas-based Keller Williams Company was founded in 1905 and is most famous for its St. Louis office and real estate empire, making it one of the 100 most powerful companies in the world. The company gained international prominence with the development of Central Park, including apartment buildings and a golf course, during the late 1960s and early 1970s. The company moved its headquarters to New York City in 1973, opening offices in Manhattan, but kept most of its true New York roots as it continued to expand throughout the United States, especially in the Midwest, with major office projects in St. Louis in the mid-1970s, Peoria, Arizona, in the late 1980s, and several major projects throughout the 1990s. In 2015, the company announced plans to move into a 44-acre, mixed-used environmentally sustainable downtown development that became known as Liberty Station, and it recently completed construction on a second $62 million office and hotel project just blocks from the original Liberty Station. Liberty Consultants is uniquely placed to serve families during these challenging times, thanks to its focus on the sustainable, small business-friendly strategies that are proven to create jobs and financial stability in the long run.

Prior to the lockdown initiated by the Donald Trump administration, most businesses had announced (failed to plan) that they would continue to operate. Some 880 companies had said online they would not be doing any closed office hours over the next few months, and 870 had altered their flight schedules to limit their interactions with the public.
This proved to be a tactical shift in most organizations’ posture. It allowed them to focus on core business while emphasizing that they are “with the government,” even though, in reality, most of them have never had any contact with the government politically. It forced many to rebrand themselves as “public-private partnerships” while trying only to address core issues. This fragmented approach appeared to be gaining traction, despite legislative gridlock or a St. Louis FHA loan.
In recent weeks, Liberty Consultants has helped other organizations pivot to embrace the new funding paradigm to stay afloat. It continued this work with the KW Cares organization in St. Louis by agreeing to serve as monitor and supporter of its disaster relief efforts.
“This transaction will enable KW to provide essential support to St. Louis families who we know lost so much in the devastating storms. The funds from this transaction will ensure the immediate financial stability of the KW Group in order to continue on with our mission of continuing to grow, serving our communities differently and creatively. I am grateful for this opportunity to continue to invest in our associates and colleagues while continuing to focus our efforts on clients and communities who matter.” – Liberty Consultants CEO Calvin Beisner
On the other side of the spectrum, funding has fallen off more quickly so far. Many charities have had to reduce expectations as they approached their fifth month of operating at near-zero staffing. Periodic short term funds and funding have become an issue to address, yet they are unsure of where to go from here.
LTC had taken the initial step of raising money through GoFundMe, but only had $2,200 in the bank at the time. Arrangements are being made with several lenders to create a revolving line of credit to fund ongoing operations.
Brad Pollock, a partner at Liberty Consultants said, “KW is one of the few St. Louis companies to be open and transparent about the ongoing shutdown. Most others are keeping employees in the dark. Our sole goal is to continue to operate KW in St. Louis subject to meeting our legal and financial obligations.”
KW Assistants’ focus will be on helping families impacted by natural disasters in this region and beyond. Their message is not to just generate revenue, but to greatly impact lives.

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