Lexington Plus Review – A Survey Of The Features Of This Broker

Lexington Plus Review

Lexington Plus is a credible online brokerage platform providing services to professional traders proficiently. In the past, people had to cross various hurdles before setting foot into the rich waters of the trading market. Nowadays, you need only an online brokerage firm and some funds to start trading. This Lexington Plus review will help you to find a trustable broker without the need of wandering on the internet. 

Lexington Plus is a relatively new but highly capable brokerage firm in the online trading market. You should read this review thoroughly to know what features are offered by this broker.

Trading Assets

There are thousands of trading assets available in the online market, and every broker tries to offer a maximum number of assets to its clients. Most of the platforms focus on one or two financial markets, but Lexington Plus offers its customers access to multiple financial markets. Under its umbrella, it is facilitating in trading more than 140 carefully picked trading assets, and all of them are highly profitable. These assets belong to various financial markets such as Cryptocurrency, Forex, Stocks, Indices and Commodities. 

Trading Platform

Instead of using some existing platform, Lexington Plus has developed its own trading platform, which has three different versions. It is developed using powerful modern technology, which is why it executes trades in milliseconds. You will be kept updated with market changes with real-time charts and statistics so that you never miss any opportunity. The platform offers plenty of trading tools as well for the convenience of its traders. The list of tools contains tens of tools under the segments of analysis, algorithmic, signals and other automated tools.

Lexington Plus has designed its WebTrader platform in such a way that it can be operated from mobile phones as well. But its dedicated Android and iOS apps are also available on app stores. All versions of the platform are user friendly for every type of trader, including beginners and professionals. If you compare this platform with any of its competitors, you will see it coming out as a distinguished winner.

Registration And Accounts

Registration with a broker is a mandatory step on every trading platform, but the registration process differs from broker to broker. Some brokers keep it simple, while others make it complex and complicated. The registration process here at Lexington Plus is very simple and short because it requires the filling of a single form only. The whole process from typing the name to depositing funds in the account takes only a few minutes of the trader.

Every brokerage platform provides multiple account types to cater to their clients, as every trader has different requirements and trading styles. These options help the broker to accommodate traders from every field of life. Five different account types are being offered by Lexington Plus, out of which you can select any one which seems suitable to you.

The names of accounts are Micro, Bronze, Premium, Gold and Plus Member. The minimum deposit limit and leverage of every account is different, while educational resources and customer support service is standard in every account. You can start your pursuit of trading dream with only 5k dollars. 

In all trading accounts of Lexington Plus, the commission fee stays below 6% of the initial deposit.

Customer Support Service

When a trader feels the need to contact the broker, he doesn’t like to wait longer. The customer support of Lexington Plus is quick, and the response time is just a few minutes. For contacting the broker, you can use any of the communication channels provided by its team. You can send an email as well as dial the telephone number written on the contact page of the website. The website has a ‘call back’ feature as well. If you click this button, a representative of Lexington Plus will contact you to inquire about your problem. The representatives are trained enough to resolve every type of issue a trader may face. 

Final Thoughts

A safe and secure trading platform, competitive market pricing, educational material and responsive customer support are the requirements of every trader. Gladly, Lexington Plus is missing none of these features, which is why I highly recommend you this broker.

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