Let’s hook up with 21-year-old millionaire Jas Mathur

Today, we will take you to a flashback of the fantastic journey of Jas Mathur’s life. Jaspreet Mathur, popularly known as Jas Mathur is a Canada-based accomplished entrepreneur and vendor capitalist. He was an innovator of East Indian descent.

Jas Mathur belongs to one of those vibrant personalities who did wonders in their lives with pure talent and strong perseverance. The journey to success seems trivial when we see Jas, but trust me the roadmap to the target was never easy for him. He sacrificed his peace, and all teenage pleasures to wear the crown of success.

We will take you deep into Mathur’s life and try to learn the lessons to meet aspirations in life. This article should be a lesson to young entrepreneurs, students, and all those people who think they are imperfect. 

Chapter One: the beginning

Do you know what makes a business successful?

It is the strong business mind of the owner. Kid Jas has that mind. When he was 11 years old, like many other children he loved to watch wrestling. He noticed that every wrestling lover was keen to know about the upcoming events, the upcoming tussles, and the life events of their favorite wrestling players. But, back in 1996, the resources were not there.

This is the time when Jas found there is a high chance to make money. Consequently, he launched a dedicated website financed by his father, dealing with news, related to wrestling. His plan worked well as the website allures high traffic daily. He enjoyed all the success but never think to get stopped. As per reports, at the age of 14 years, he managed to earn a hefty $30,000 per month.

When he was 16, sold his core business to a media company. Though the deal amount was unknown, still it is obvious that Jas earned a good amount of lump sum from that deal.

Chapter Two: Foundation of Emblaze ONE Inc. 

After closing the first business deal, Jas founded a full-time web development agency, namely Emblaze ONE. The company won many awards for its contribution to the internet media world, Emblaze is an interactive full-service provider in web development. The motto of the establishment is to bolster newbie entrepreneurs and small business personnel to create, launch, and transform their online businesses into profit-making machines. Emblaze ONE has a global presence and 70+ staff strength.

The company hold hands with young businessman and make them learn how to take the company ahead. Emblaze ONE is the brainchild of its founder and CEO Jas Mathur. With all his skills and ability he took the company to the peak of success. He engages all his knowledge of online marketing to the company and becomes the pioneer of its success.

Chapter Three: the self-realization phase

Mathur was doing well with his professional career and successfully diversified his hard-earned money into different business sectors. He invested in a series of different genres of companies, likely Digital Surveillance, Satellite TV, Online Dating, and Online Gambling. Soon he became a millionaire at the age of 21. Here are more gambling lessons that can be helpful:

Jas was focused and knew his priority. He sacrificed all his teenage behind the dream to achieve big and when he took a breath of relief, find himself shapeless, fluffy. At times, he started losing confidence whenever he used to stand in front of the mirror.

Jas repented but being a fighter he never loses hope. He starts hard workouts and finally accomplished the journey of losing weight with a deep determination. Finally, the 450 pounds boy with a waist of 68” manages to cut out 250 pounds and get back into shape.

Again he proved himself as a real-life fighter. He is a man with strong willpower and believes that if there is a will, there is a way. He believes, one must not only be mentally strong but must be physically confident too. Jas proved that one can achieve good health by overcoming health issues by following a good diet, disciplined lifestyle, and healthy supplements.

It was the phase when Jas Mathur was keen to take an evolutionary step and foray into the healthcare segment with his new company. The only motto of the company was never profit-making. Rather, it will transform the lives of physically distressed people. 

Chapter Four: Foundation of Limitless X Inc.

During the weight loss journey, Mathur gained a lot of interest in the healthcare segment. This was the second time he added wings to his desire. He believed in his capability and years-long executive management experience to launch a fresh company Limitless X. Limitless offers a variety of wellness, personal care products, dietary supplements, skincare, and CBD supplements.

Jas was passionate about Limitless X since its inception, as this is not a business but a lifeline to him. Jas incorporates all his experiences and followed the way of digital marketing to popularize the brand value of the company. He took the help of digital media, arranged clients’ campaigns, sourced display and paid searches, and digital advertisements to enhance the brand’s popularity. 

Recently Jas has launched a new website to exhibit all available products in one place. All efforts of Jas Mathur become successful, and often people identify Jas as the Limitless founder and CEO.

The guts and determination

Jas never was brilliant with his academics. Rather, he focused on what he loved and had the confidence of doing extraordinary. He proved that there are many ways to become successful in life, you never have to be a scholar in studies.

Jas Mathur never allows his morals down in any condition. The media sometimes criticizes his luxurious lifestyle, tagging him as lucky. He never hears of that useless stuff. He is focused and determined about his priorities in life. Jas Mathur is a popular social media face and is a role model for youths across the nation.