Let’s Get To Know The Importance Of Scratch Programming And Coding For Kids

The present world is a digital world with all the technological advancements happening around the globe. It has now become difficult to survive without technology. In this tech-savvy world, parents need to know that their child should be well-versed in the skills that are needed to prosper in life. The best way to start is by teaching programming languages to your kids from an early age. 

Now you might be wondering which coding language to start from.

If your child is crazy about animated videos, apps, and video games, then Scratch programming is the best language. 

What is Scratch programming?

It is kids friendly programming language but is helpful to people of all ages. Scratch programming was developed by MIT Media Lab in 2007. It is a block-based visual programming language. Since it is a visually based language, it makes coding more interesting for kids and helps them create their own games, apps, interactive stories, and much more in an easier way. Computational thinking of kids is leveraged in scratch coding language, which is an essential skill in this digitized world. 

The best part of the language is that it uses a simple syntax which makes learning coding easier. This removes all the complicated elements from the language. 

Importance of Scratch Programming 

There are several benefits of learning Scratch coding. Some of the benefits are as follows: 

Nurture problem-solving 

The Scratch coding program guides kids to develop a constructivist approach to learning which ultimately encourages problem-solving skills

In this computer programming language, kids try to solve problems by breaking down the whole problem into smaller segments. This is called programmatic thinking. Kids break down the problem by arranging the code blocks and exploring different solutions for the problem. 

Kids learn to create their scratch games and stories by scratch coding. In this entire process, they work on finding out how different parts of their design or code will work when put together. Such brainstorming exercises help kids to develop problem-solving attitudes and management skills. These skills will be of great help even in their later life. 

Simple to use, and prior knowledge is not needed.

It might be difficult for young students to learn and use technology. But this latest product is specifically designed to make programming easy and a fun way of learning for kids. Here kids do not need to refer to any study material before starting their projects.  

In this computer programming language, kids can directly start to make their creative scratch projects without any prior knowledge. Many introductory tutorials are available online that give step-by-step guidance on the program. Kids can simultaneously learn from the online community some extra features and use the program more effectively. 

More importantly, children will enjoy learning this program and creating innovative scratch projects with the help of this powerful tool. Also, children are free from doing any prior learning, which is generally frustrating for kids. 

Scratch programming helps to develop games, stories, and animations. 

This programming language is one of the best ways to acquaint all age group people to the basics of coding concepts and principles of computer science.

It helps to develop soft skills like problem-solving, thinking skills, and communication skills along with technical skills. All this you gain in a fun way. With the help of scratch programming, you get a chance to showcase your innovative ideas in various creative ways, like creating video games, interactive stories, and animations. 

Scratch community helps learners to know the fundamentals of coding and design by giving them access to a huge library of modules and solutions. Here even beginners can directly jump into creating the projects, which is a unique feature. 

Leverages logical thinking skills 

Scratch programming is a block-based programming language. Here kids drag and drop blocks instead of writing codes. In this dragging and dropping process of blocks, kids learn the logic of code, and critical thinking is enhanced. 

While they are coding with the help of blocks, they get to see their result on the spot without waiting for a longer duration. When kids get the result of their program on the spot, it becomes easy for them to analyze the process and understand the logic behind the process. 

In understanding the logic of the scratch program, kids learn certain foundational skills like data types, operators, loops, arrays, variables, etc. These set of skills become useful to kids when they transform from block-based coding to text-based coding. 

Thus, scratch helps in developing logical thinking and also prepares your child to learn coding languages of advanced level. 

Scratch helps kids to become future programmers. 

When compared to other computer programming languages like Python and Java, scratch is the best programming language for kids to learn coding, even as a beginner. It is best for young people because other coding languages consist of solid rules and demand learning the appropriate text commands to excel in the subject.

Such complicated things are not present in scratch. Thus, help kids to concentrate mainly on understanding the concepts, designing, building, and finally sharing their creative work with their favorite people.  

Scratch coding helps in making the code-learning process a joyful journey. This can be later used as a base to build on it, to become a future programmer

Availability of scratch is easy. 

One of the greatest advantages of scratch programming is its easy availability. To get a scratch, you just need to have an internet connection, a web browser, and an account. There is no requirement for any special tools or programs. Thus, your child will be able to learn coding language from their comfort zone. 

It is also helpful to those who are learning deficit because it is block-based coding and avoids any text-based learning. This gives easy accessibility to kids. 


The Scratch team teaches various essential life skills to your kids. It helps in building a strong foundation for your kids in the field of computer science and prepares them to fight the battle of the 21st century

Your kids learn all these important skills and abilities in a fun way with the help of a creative platform, Scratch. Thus, in the present era, every parent should give their kids coding training from some best coding classes like Juni Learning. Some coding classes also provide the facility of trial classes to help you select the best one.