Let’s face it, in 2021, everyone is looking to save money on their next Cisco Meraki IT purchase. CDW is trusted, but is there an alternative?

All businesses and corporations are looking for ways to organize their company, safeguard their data, share information across various networks, and integrate platforms for seamless integration of their business. 

With ever-changing technology, numerous companies are now focusing on cloud-based technology, access points, security appliances, cloud management, and integration strategies to effectively improve a business. 

10 things to know about Cisco Meraki products 

Before you can find out the answer to ‘Is there an alternative to CDW that stocks Cisco Meraki products?’, you need to know what Cisco Meraki is and how they operate. 

What is cisco Meraki?

Cisco Meraki is a cloud networking solution that organizes data and communicates with other platforms. Meraki first started with Roofnet, a project that was designed to bring wireless data and connections to Cambridge. The company grew at an exponential rate, blooming at 2-3x per year. Due to the success, Meraki was bought by Cisco in 2012.

Meraki then became a part of the Cloud Networking Group, an organization owned by Cisco. Since then, the company has been known as Cisco Meraki.

What is their product portfolio?

The first Meraki product produced was an access point – but the company has progressed since this initial milestone. Since then, Meraki has turned into an enterprise with numerous products with the capability to interact with each other on your network. Some of the Cisco Meraki products available are the following:

  • Cloud-managed indoor and outdoor access points
  • Access points with built-in wireless security and Low Energy beaconing
  • Cloud-managed security appliances that provide routing and remote access
  • Enterprise cloud management solution, known as the Meraki Dashboard
  • Cloud-based mobility system called the ‘Systems Manager,’ which allows seamless integration with all Cisco Meraki products. 
  • Ability to integrate Cisco Meraki with the Umbrella, a cloud secure internet gateway for added protection against viruses and malware

Security is key

One of the main focal points of the Cisco Meraki ethos is security. All products are designed with protection in mind, ensuring your business’ data and important information are not linked to other non-secure networks.  

Individualized for your business

Every business is unique – and so is Cisco Meraki when it comes to developing products and software for your company. Cisco Meraki can manage your network and focus on what is important to you.

Simple licensing model 

Cisco Meraki uses a simple model that lets you easily manage all devices with the help of technical support if needed. If you have been in the IT industry for multiple years, you know that there are different licenses available. With Cisco Meraki, they use a simple set-up that can be managed with a single Meraki Dashboard license.

Set-up in just minutes

If you have power, WiFi, and a reliable internet connection, all you have to do is plug in the Cisco Meraki devices to begin – and finish – the easy setup. 

Great user experience

With a user-friendly nature and simplistic design, Meraki ensures all products are easy to use and provide the best experience possible to customers. 

Cloud architecture enables a powerful feature

There are now a plethora of features available when using Cisco Meraki, such as:

  • Replicable configuration – you can configure your setup between various offices to keep consistency between your network and locations.
  • Automatic upgrades – schedule your maintenance windows to improve software, securely install new apps, and fix any bugs in the system.
  • Secure site-to-site VPN – Configure your sites with an AutoVPN to automatically create secure IPsec between your networks.
  • Layer 7 traffic – Cisco Meraki can filter traffic and block viruses by using a Layer 7 application.
  • Virtual stacking – All Cisco Meraki products are compatible with Virtual Stacking, a program that lets you manage your switch ports in a single location.
  • Intelligent WAN traffic optimization – select your internet uplink based on the current status of your WAN line.
  • Manage your mobile devices – Systems Manager lets you control various applications installed on different devices, such as office phones and desktops.
  • Network topology map – The Cisco Meraki Dashboard automatically builds a map to organize your networks. 

Start your first project

The best way to begin using a Cisco Meraki product is to just start! Since the program is easy to use and simple for beginners to utilize, all you have to do is contact a Meraki representative to begin the process and use your free trial kit.

Stay tuned with the latest news

To stay up to date with news regarding Cisco Meraki, users can subscribe to the cisco Meraki blog to receive updates and stay in touch. 

What is CDW?

CDW is a multi-brand provider of IT solutions for businesses, corporations, individuals, startups, entrepreneurs, government, education, and healthcare customers located in the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada. CDW was first founded in 1984 and currently has over 10,000 employees across the three locations. 

The corporation offers a wide range of products and services, spanning various categories like IT solutions, security, cloud-based management, and digital experiences. 

Some of the Cisco Meraki products offered on CDw include products in the categories of cables, computer accessories, networking, phones, video conferencing, power, and software. There are 774 products available to purchase on CDW when shopping for Cisco Meraki products. 

Some of the most popular Cisco Meraki products on CDW includes the following:

  • Cisco Meraki Advanced Security subscription license for 1 or 3 years
  • Cisco Meraki Enterprise subscription license for 10 years
  • Cisco Meraki MX400 Enterprise subscription license for 7 years
  • Cisco Meraki MS Series 420-48 subscription license for 7 years
  • Cisco Meraki MS Series 320-24P subscription license for 7 years

Despite CDW having multiple cisco Meraki products, many users are asking the question ‘Is there an alternative to CDW that stocks Cisco Meraki products?’ 

Is there an alternative to CDW that stocks Cisco Meraki products? 

CDW stocks Cisco Meraki products to purchase on their website, with a Cisco Meraki MR33 cloud-managed wireless access point costing around $440 to install and purchase. However, there are alternatives to CDW that stock Cisco Meraki products. 

Customers can head to the Cisco Meraki website to request trial gear to start using the wireless access points and cloud-based services. 


You also have the option of going to Amazon.com and browsing the Cisco Meraki products online. There are various products available, such as:

  • Cisco Meraki MX64 Small Branch Secure Appliance for $360
    • This product is an integrated router and next-generation firewall that contains numerous features. With an easy setup and simple nature, this web-based administration provides seamless integration across multiple networks. 
  • Cisco Meraki MX67 Cloud Managed Security Appliance for $373
  • Meraki Go 5 Port Security Cloud-managed for $126
    • This product is easy to set up and manage, making it simple to add multiple admins to manage your equipment. It alerts the user of any connectivity problems and recommends troubleshooting when there are issues within the network. 
  • Cisco Meraki MX64 Small Branch Security Appliance Bundle 200 MBps FW, 5xGbE ports for $507
    • This product is a cloud-managed security application that helps make networks quicker, more secure, and easier to manage. This product is designed for small branch locations with cloud-based centralized management and contains various features, like Unified Threat management, IPS, Content Filtering, and VPNs.

Hummingbird Networks

When looking for an alternative to CDW to buy Cisco Meraki products, users can head to Hummingbird Networks to shop the Meraki access points, firewalls, switches, security cameras, gateways, MT sensors, and systems manager. 

  • When shopping the access points, Hummingbird contains various options, such as the MR20, MR44, MR30H, MR33, MR36, MR42, MR42E, MR45, MR46, MR46E, and many other options.
  • The Cisco Meraki switches available to purchase on Hummingbird Networks include the MS120 switches, MS125 switches, MS210 switches, MS225 switches, MS250 switches, MS350 switches, MS355 switches, and MS390 switches.
  • Hummingbird Networks offers various Meraki firewalls to purchase when looking for an alternative to CDW for Cisco Meraki products. Some of the options include the MX65, MX65W, MX67CW, Z3, Z3C, MX64, MX64W, MX67, MX67W, mx67C, MX68, and the MX68W.
  • Customers can choose between a wide range of Meraki security cameras, such as the MV12 series, MV72X, MV22, MV32, MV72, and the MV Cloud Archive.
  • The Cellular Gateway options for Cisco Meraki products on Hummingbird Networks include the Cisco Meraki MG21 and MG21E.
  • When shopping for an alternative to CDW to buy Cisco Meraki products, Hummingbird Networks offers various MT sensors to purchase, such as the Cisco Meraki 1 year enterprise license, 3-year license, or 5-year license and support. 

If you want an affordable option to use CDW to purchase Cisco Meraki products, shop online at Hummingbird Networks first. 


Despite CDW being a trusted network for buying Cisco Meraki products, looking online at Amazon and Hummingbird Networks is another option for purchasing the same appliances at a lower price. Whether you are looking for cloud-based management, security subscription licenses, or firewalls, shopping on one of these two websites could be a good alternative to using CDW.