Let Your Guests Enjoy the Yummy Dishes from Well-Known Spanish Caterers

Most commoners in Australia consider Paella from Valencia as an original recipe. It is a set of cuisines involving white rice, green beans, meat, and a variety of lima beans and butterbeans, and it is as also known as garrofo.

Well-known Spanish caterers from across the country serve these foods to homes upon getting an order. These delicious foods can truly satisfy the consumers in various occasions like a wedding or birthday party, etc.

Why Paella Catering?

Well-Known Spanish Caterers

Paella Catering is a popular form of catering. Expert chefs from one of the well-known Spanish caterers cook different cuisines in front of the guests on an occasion.

Under this form of catering, caterers are committed to reducing environmental impact. Therefore, their cooking activities involve considering the conservation of energy, water, and wastes.  Unless controlled, all these factors cause hazards to the environment.

Fresh raw materials are brought from outside and cooked on site. Catering staff members clear the mess after the preparation of intended cuisines. This eliminates the duty and responsibility of the patrons to hire someone else for cleaning the area.

Well-known Spanish Caterers in the country use several ingredients in their preparation that bring out Spanish flavor in the recipes. 

Here’s a handy list of the items constitute the recipe for these dishes.

Paella Seafood-

Seafood includes the meat of marine animals. This includes fish, gastropods, crustacean shellfish containing crab, lobster and shrimp, and bivalve molluscan shellfish. 

For adding taste to these seafood items, well-known Spanish Caterers use ingredients of the highest quality. This is a little secret behind the lip-smacking flavor of these dishes.

Olive Oil-

Olive oil is one of the main ingredients of Spanish foods. Spaniards make these oils from matured olives harvested at the right time. The best providers among the well-known Spanish caterers use premium cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. The entire collection is bought from Spanish farms.


It is the name of branded Spanish sausage that helps in bringing the real aroma of Spain. The best quality Chorizo in the country of Australia is 100% imported. These are made to suit the traditional recipe of Spain. 

Energetic Menus for Events

People express different opinions while selecting menus for an occasion. Thus, the catering people need to assort kindled of cuisines into their mind. Such sorting helps them to provide tailor-made cuisines to customers according to their exclusive requirements. 

Well-known Spanish Caterers based on the country of Australia have included the following kinds of recipes into their offer: 

  • The Chicken and Chorizo Paella: The combination includes recipes that include Calasparra rice, soffrito, Saffron, chicken stock, chicken thigh, chorizo sausage, and tomatoes and peas. 
  • Seafood Paella: It comprises Calasparra rice, soffrito, saffron, fish stock, prawns, muscles, salmon, squid, and lemon and parsley. 
  • Mixed Paella: The mixed paella represents a combination of the above two and thus can offer satisfaction in the minds of more people than those. The dish includes Calasparra rice, soffrito, saffron, chicken stock, chicken thigh, chorizo, prawns, salmon, lemon and parsley. 
  • The Vegetarian paella: Being designed specifically for vegan families, these food dishes include the best quality of ingredients. The cooks are also careful in making the cuisines both hygienic and lip-smacking. The preparation of rice is too important in these dishes.


The type of foods recommended by Well-known Spanish Caterers depends on a chosen location in Australia. They generally recommend a seafood when the event is stationed in a coastal area. Chicken and related foods are recommended when the event venue is off the sea. They try their best to offer tailor-made recipes for their customers.