Let Us Uncover the Reasons for Excessive Tyre Wear

Your tyres are used constantly on both smooth and rough roads. Common factors like friction and heat are enough to reduce the depth of your tyre tread. Actually, irregular tread wear may occur due to several reasons. After you observe that your tyres are experiencing severe wear and tear, you need to replace them as soon as possible.

Driving on new Yokohama Tyres Watford will provide a fresh experience to you for a long time whereas old tyres are supposed to make your drive riskier. Thus, it will be a good move if you change your damaged set of tyres.

Why Is Proper Tread Depth Important?

Proper tread depth is a vital feature of your tyres. It helps your tyres to hold the road surface properly. When your tread depth is decreased to reach the dangerous level, your tyres will no longer provide proper grip, especially in unfavourable road conditions.

Common Reasons for Tyre Wear

Improper Air Pressure:

Check your tyres for underinflation or overinflation. If you drive your car on under-inflated tyres, it is possible your tyres start to wear out before normal time. Decreased air pressure in tyres will cause the rise of frictional force and heat. These factors will degrade your tyre tread rapidly.

Over-inflation in tyres will cause more wear in the middle part and under-inflation will lead to tread wear on both sides.

Badly Aligned Wheels:

If you want to keep the tread depth stable for a long period of time, keep your tyres properly aligned. According to experts, misaligned wheels are the main reason for uneven tread wear.

Faulty Suspension Parts:

Many components of the suspension system may stop working properly and lead to uneven tread wear. These components include damaged ball joints, worn-out springs etc.

Road Conditions:

Your tyres do not run on only smooth and well-made roads. They have to roll on rough surfaces as well. However, tyre makers have designed them to withstand unfavourable road conditions but it is not possible to eliminate the chances of wear and tear completely. Friction, heat and sharp objects are always there to damage your tyre tread.

Driving Style:

Your own style of driving also affects the health of your tyres. Hitting potholes or kerbs, using brakes and clutch improperly and driving at high speed on rough road surfaces are included in bad driving style. These habits invite bad wheel alignment and uneven tread wear.


Heat is one of the most common prime factors to kill your tyres. Environmental heat leads to an increased rate of wear and tear and it is responsible for increasing the air pressure in tyres as well.

How to Keep Your Tyres Safe From Wear and Tear?

As we have mentioned above that a car driver will not be able to bring the percentage of tread wear at zero level. Whatever you do, your tyre will wear at a steady rate. However, it is possible to increase the total lifespan of your tyres by following some vital tyre maintenance steps.

First of all, you need to keep the air pressure in your tyres at the correct level. This is the most important step because bad air pressure is responsible for tyre blowouts, treadwear and degradation of rubber material.

As another tip, you need to check wheel alignment regularly to save your tyres from uneven tyre wear. At the same time, examine the wheel balancing as well.

Moreover, your tyres will serve you for a longer period of time if you buy your tyres according to terrain and weather. Expert tyres are supposed to serve the need of car drivers appropriately.

Additionally, improve your driving style. Drive slowly when road conditions do not allow fast driving. Moreover, avoid kerbs, potholes and hard objects to eliminate the chance of tyre damage.

We are confident that if you use these tips, your Tyres Watford are going to accompany you for extra months or even years. However, a point of time will come when you have to change your damaged tyres. Do not be lazy at that time and make a prompt decision to change the present set of tyres.