Leo Li is a New York City, Progressive Fashion Connoisseur


Leo Li




Xinjiang, China

Now Lives: 

Manhattan, New York

Claim to Fame: 

Leo Li is a model, stylist, media personality, and designer whose brand, Leojeany, has prepped and styled local talent all around Manhattan. “The models we work with represent the Leojeany style,” claims Li, “one which prefers to combine the extravagant look of high fashion with the realistic mode of casual wear.”

Li was invited to show off the Leojeany style at New York Fashion Week in 2019, where he sat shoulder-to-shoulder with the week’s biggest stars. “New York Fashion Week was a dream come true and an exciting opportunity to spread the Leojeany look.”

This look is inspired by Li’s own personal desire to wear whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Often, the models he styles and designs wear a mixture of bold, popping colors and luxurious jewelry. “But, the outfits are meant to remain comfortable and convenient, with soft fabrics and generous cuts.”

Big Break: 

The Leojeany passion for fashion is derived from Li’s long-standing love for la mode. “As a child, I would often notice trends before my peers. I was always looking for a new way to combine pieces, assemble ensembles, and push fashion forward with new ideas.”

After moving to the states and discovering the New York fashion scene, Li began Leojeany as a way to connect with a community living large and in charge.

Latest Project:

Now, Li has worked on expanding Leojeany into more photography. A model and actor himself, Li has an experienced eye for which angles best suit those he works with. The models the brand will collaborate with come from the large pool of Leojeany relationships. “Leojeany is not just a brand, it’s a team of fantastic artists who know other fantastic artists. Fashion is an art form that is meant to be shared.”

Previously, the Leojeany brand has taken photos of models on catwalks and before shows, but Li now wishes for the brand to take photos of its own designs on its own models.

Next Up: 

Li will attend Milan Fashion Week January 7-17th with supermodels Mitchell Cochran and Jace Cameron, friends of the Leojeany brand. The attendance will serve as Leojeany inspiration for their next move, which is to “release a designer clothing line in 2023,” claims Li. 

Leojeany, which previously collected, mixed, and matched, intends to come out with its own, personalized pieces, “You can expect lots of extreme yet elegant designs to match with the Leojeany mission of contradicting the black and white nature of fashion.”

Leojeany is a fashion photography and styling company based in Manhattan that offers customized photo sessions, personal style tips, makeup services, and more.

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