Leo and Steph are the new Pop Art stars everyone is talking about. With their KID CUP character, which represents our inner child, they set out to conquer the world of Pop Art. From Paris to Miami, from Tokyo to Singapore, Leo and Steph’s KID CUP is becoming the new darling of Pop ART.

They imagined an iconic character reflecting our inner child: KID CUP.

This faceless character, which can be any gender, lives in a colorful and positive world. The Kid Cup is resolutely optimistic and “drinks life” from the cup that it never let’s go of.

Welcome to the KID CUP FAMILY!

How was Leo & Steph born?

Leo, Brazilian, has settled in Paris since in 2008. He is a designer (graphic and interior). He paints, molds and draws since forever. Not only that, but he is one of the Artistic Directors of one of the largest e-commerce companies in France.

Stéphane, French, has been working in the media area for more than 20 years. He has been the head of many TV programs. This decoration lover wants to create playful and colorful pieces.

How everything started?

In 2019, Leo and Steph created their first work of art called “LA LOVE CUP”, in collaboration with a French craftsman.

This unique and exclusive work of art was sold in a few minutes, during an opening in the famous Parisian gallery “CHAMPOP GALLERY”.

Very quickly, the demands poured in, and several art pieces were sold. Leo and Steph then entered the world of Pop Art.

The creation that started it all: The KID CUP Character

In December 2019, the artistic adventure expands. Leo and Steph created the character “KID CUP”. An icon without a face that can be anyone. They drink life from the Love Cup that they never let go of. A positive being, with good vibes and the reflection of our inner child.

It was by watching the documentary (Wonder Boy) on the life of Olivier ROUSTEING, the Balmain Artistic Director, that the duo imagined this benevolent being. The story of this fashion genius inspired the duo with his charisma, benevolence and emotions.

Olivier ROUSTEING contacts them after falling in love with their first painting, which he posts on his Instagram account to 6.2 million followers. The audience was touched and, in a few weeks, dozens of paintings were sold to collectors, celebrities or pop art lovers.

The pieces integrated famous galleries around the world.


The artworks are represented in art galleries in many countries such as France, USA, Geneva, Dubai, Japan, China…

Our canvases are elaborated with the greatest care and printed with a high-end rendering.

The Acrylic Glass finish emphasizes the contrasts, magnifies the colors, intensifies the depth of field, and reinforces the quality of our works.

During a recent auction in September 2021, for the benefit of PHOTO4FOODFONDATION, their painting “KID CUP ACADEMIE FRANÇAISE” was sold for 10,000 Euros under the chairmanship of the famous ARTCURIAL House.

The duo can also imagine making custom paintings with the whole family. Many people have acquired family canvases, including the famous football star BACARY SAGNA and his wife LUDIVINE SAGNA, star of influence. Even, MIYAVI LEE ISHIHARA, the famous Japanese guitarist, has

ordered a painting representing his family on stage in his colorful and positive universe.

In 2021 the Kid Cup become a sculpture.

These sculptures of 55cm high and nearly 5kg are always UNIQUE AND EXCLUSIVE. They are manufactured in collaboration with a French artisan.

Also, as always, the sculptures can be custom made.

You can find their works in prestigious galleries around the world, LAGUNA BEACH, DALLAS, BOCA RATON, PARIS, GENEVA, DUBAI, BRUSSELS, TOKYO…BUT ALSO, ALL THEIR UNIVERSE

ON (leoetsteph.com) and on their Instagram account: leo_et_steph


LEO AND STEPH were presented for the first time at ART BASEL 2021 in Miami, with more than 20 works of art in the prestigious hotel SAGAMORE HOTEL in South Beach with MARKOWICZ FINE ART.


With their already existing collection of extraordinary unique “Kid-Cup” art pieces, the addition of NFTs is a true “cherry on the cake” for this duo-managed French company.

This will be the company’s introduction to the crypto/block chain market. NFT Brokers, investors and pop-art lovers will get a dig out of Leo & Steph’s new business venture!

Their first work celebrates the 3 iconic PSG stars: Kylian Mbappé, Neymar and Lionel Messi immediately sold at 1.3 Ethereum.

Discover the positive and colorful art of LEO & STEPH and let yourself be charmed by this out of the ordinary universe…