Leisure Destinations Nearby the Amazing Place Grand Dunman Showflat

Grand Dunman is the most beautiful and luxurious mega project of the SingHaiyi company. This place is located in District 15 of Singapore. However, the city is covered with greenery all around. So, it gives the feeling of independence to people who live in this city. 

Moreover, the city is the home of many couples and professionals. So, if you want to access different areas of the city easily. Then the transport system is the best option to access. 

Living a luxurious life in Dunman gives you a memorable experience. The city also allows you to travel and communicate with others. Not only private transport, but the city is also famous because of public transport. 

Grand dunman showflat is close to many areas, such as Katong, Mountbatten Road, the airport, Dunman Road, Geyland, and Guillemard. 

A city is a famous place because of many nearby attractive spots. Now you just need to travel 5-7 minutes to visit the most beautiful spot. The following are some main areas where everyone should go:

East Coast Park :

This park is the best place to enjoy outdoor activities. You may go jogging, yoga, cycling, and many other activities. You may also enjoy water activities such as paddling, canoeing, and windsurfing. 

The park is also the best place for children to play in different activities. Not only this park but the coastal play grove is also the best playing destination. Now young children and kids enjoy playing, such as climbing, tube slides, talking tubes, and more. 

Singapore Sports Hub:

Not only playing in parks enough. You may also enjoy different sports, outdoor activities, and entertainment at the hubs. The recreational activities include lawn bowling, splashing, swimming, chess set, climbing, and much more. It is revealed that soon there will be more recreational activities in Dunman. These will be the Kallang hub, Tennis hub, and theatre. Soon, there will be a youth club. 

Goodman Arts Centre:

Dunman is the best place and an excellent home for many art groups. No doubt, this city is the best host to many artists, communities, and supporters. So, you may enjoy the warm theatre, poetry, art, and dance in these centers. 

The Artground:

This art ground is situated in the Goodman centre. It is the best place that gives a better experience of art to families and children. Not only this, the centre is the best place that allows local artists to become experienced. Here you may also take many digital arts, music, and dance classes. 


If you are interested in enjoying local street food or any other tasty food, then grand dunman showflat is the home to many new restaurants, cafes, bars, and hotels. All these are the best hotels that serve you tasty food. 

The restaurants include Golden Restaurant, Pizzeria, Bida, ABC Restaurant, and Eurasian Restaurant. The residents of this city may enjoy different facilities and natural environments. Now you may live free with harmony in this place!

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