Legitimate Sites To Buy YouTube Subscribers and Views in 2021

YouTube is one of the most popular and influential platforms among people of all ages in this digital era. It is one of the most used search engines and the best platform for influencers, brands, and businesses to interact with almost 2 billion audiences worldwide. Being a YouTuber can help you earn fame and a decent income. But the competition is very high on this platform which makes people buy YouTube subscribers for success and popularity. Having a nice amount of followers signifies popularity, reliability and a good amount of money. There are many companies out in the market which provide different packages for purchasing real followers. Be careful to purchase these followers from legitimate websites. 


These are a few questions that pop up in everyone’s mind about buying YouTube subscribers. So it is important to know their answers. 

Is buying followers legal and safe?

Yes! It is completely legal and safe. There’s a huge industry built around this online engagement. It is just a way to provide life to your dying channel. When you pay for YouTube likes, subscribers and views, you take your channel one step closer to monetization. But be careful while choosing the website for buying online subscribers.

Few tips to keep in mind while purchasing followers:

  • You need not provide the password for a one-time purchase
  • The company’s site is protected by SSL encryption
  • Look for the type of delivery; subscribers shall be delivered at a natural rate over a period of time.

How to monetize the channel?

One of the goals of every YouTube channel owner is to monetize his channel. After fulfilling certain criteria related to likes and views on videos as laid down by YouTube, one can opt for monetization of the channel. Collaboration with brands and influencers can help you reach this goal faster by tapping their audience as well. Having affiliate links to the products can help in earning a small commission. You can start a fundraiser and ask your audience to support your dream by donating small amounts.

Once you accomplish the criteria, you can switch on the monetization button. After checking your channel for any guideline violations, YouTube will approve monetization for your channel. The subscribers you buy are not in breach of any YouTube guidelines.

Are free trials available for YouTube Subscribers?

Free trials are usually available for apps and services which have a recurring payment. But this is not the case with YouTube subscribers as it is a one-time purchase. Some companies claim to offer followers for free. They would send you 10 to 20 free fake subscribers in return for simple information. Do not fall for this scam as your information is much more important than some fake YouTube subscribers, and you should protect it at all costs. These websites usually trick you into giving information and use your information and unsavory ways. Free trials are generally not available because the followers are delivered only once, but if you find websites giving YouTube subscribers for nothing, stay away from them. Later they would harass you and leak your information.

How much do YouTube Subscribers Cost?

While buying subscribers, the most important thing is to keep in mind cost versus value. There are many budget-friendly options available. The cost mainly varies depending on where you buy.

If you come across websites with big packages at a very low price, then the quality of their subscribers would be low and fake, which would affect the credibility of your YouTube account, or they might even not deliver anything. This is a way of scamming people, so always see the price and the quality of followers before buying. There is always some correlation between quality and price.

Do YouTube Subscribers Disappear?

You have this risk only if you buy fake followers. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube run daily cleanings to remove inactive or fake accounts. Some companies provide for refills in case the followers disappear, but some companies won’t.

There is always a probability that even your real followers can unfollow you at some point. YouTube follower count is very fluid and mobile. So this means that your purchased followers would also not remain forever. 

What to Look for When Buying YouTube Subscribers?

  • Subscriber quality

If you are playing for long-term success, then the most important thing is checking the quality of subscribers while buying. Subscribers shall stay and engage with your content and seem like real people on the account. To buy real and active users online, it is better to rely on a reputed company. This would act like perceived popularity and social proof and help build a reputation to increase your subscriber count.

  • Info and FAQs

Legit websites usually have details about the packages they offer, the benefits of their services, what customers shall expect from the service. They also have FAQs to help their potential clients to know about their services. But if you do not find such details or find the website very generic, it may not be legit.

  • Delivery Time Frames

Another tip of judging a website is by its natural rate of subscriber delivery. Any good company would know that YouTube will find it out if your subscriber count increases suddenly. So if your company is maintaining a natural rate and not completing the order at one, they are not cheating you and just helping you remain safe.

  • Visible Pricing

If the prices of the services and packages they offer are easily locatable, then you are on a reliable website. Companies that make you give information first are trying to get the benefit of you by creating hassles. A legit company provides for pricing in the most user-friendly way.

Reliable and Safe Sites to buy YouTube Followers

By now, you know all about buying YouTube subscribers. Before selecting the website from which you plan to buy followers, check all its pros and cons. We are here suggesting some websites which are reliable, budget-friendly, and have smooth functioning.

  • focuses on the mantra ‘Quality + Quantity.’ It provides different packages for buying followers on various platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, clubhouse. It has addressed many FAQs and benefits related to their services. It also offers top 24/7 Customer Support Services. It has a simple process of selecting a product, quantity, entering details, and enjoying the powerful blast.

  • is another trusted platform that provides maximum overnight viral exposure. They only offer “real quality Instagram services” that would help you boost your profile engagement, reach, visibility and recognition. It provides five different packages to choose from. Simple procedures and a lot of benefits are the quality of this site.

  • treats its buyers as their partners and ensures ultimate success. They provide their services all over Europe, Pacific Region and Russia, Asia, USA. It provides a solution to artists on many platforms like YouTube views, Soundcloud followers, and Spotify Play. The works on the principle of Quality, Quantity & Reliability. They deliver quantity refills, 100% real-looking followers, and a 100% money-back guarantee.


This is one such platform that believes in turning dreams into reality. With its Top-notch Quality Services, Fast Delivery, affordable price, and 24/7 customer support, it is one of the best websites to buy real followers for YouTube and TikTok, Instagram, sound cloud, and Spotify. All your data is kept confidential, thus ensuring safety.

  • is a unique and dedicated platform to provide you with authentic users who will subscribe to your channel once the payment is made for their premium plans. You can also buy YouTube views and likes for video content on your channel.

Tips for real subscribers

Include these points in your videos to increase your followers:

  • Choose Attractive Thumbnail Images
  • Include a “Subscribe” button in Your Videos
  • Prioritize Quality over Quantity
  • Create Playlists
  • Cross-Promote on Other Social Networks
  • Create an appealing channel page
  • Promote videos on your end screen


In this modernizing world, the competition on social media is increasing every second. You don’t wish to be left behind in this race because of a lack of resources. If you want to be on the winning side and above everyone, you require some external help. The engagement of your loyal audience will sort of decrease in the long run. So to make a strong and lasting impression on people worldwide, it is important to buy followers for your channel. Potential followers will be attracted to your content if your channel has a high amount of followers because the number of followers is directly proportional to the reliability of your channel.

To make your content reach the maximum audience, it is advisable to invest a little in buying engagement for your channel. It would also help in your aim of long-term success.

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