All of our lives have ups and downs. Disputes are inevitable in life and solving or overcoming them becomes a challenge that all of us have to face in life. Some of the issues can be easily solved with dialogue and discussions, but others might need court intervention. Some other issues might be susceptible that people hesitate to seek legal help.

One such case is that of probate lawyers and domestic violence lawyers. Both these issues are susceptible to the client, and therefore, people might rethink legal intervention. However, these lawyers are experienced and work to ensure that their clients get nothing short of the best. Seeking help for legal intervention is perfectly alright as the organisations are trustworthy and protect client confidentiality.

98.7% of the civil cases in Australia have been settled with the assistance of expert lawyers. This means that the points never reach the court as they get resolved much earlier. Over the years, the legal market in Australia has seen a 45% increase in the number of practitioners. According to important information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, actually, there are around 83,000 registered solicitors practising law as of 2021.

Why do we need lawyers?

Typically, lawyers are mediums that connect ordinary people with the legal government. In every country, people are automatically provided with certain fundamental rights that enable them to live with one another peacefully without conflict. However, when disputes arise, it is most often that these rights are in jeopardy or the internal harmony is hampered.

It is also vital to note that lawyers are not always required in the case of third-party interventions. Some cases do not even require legal intervention but instead need legal guidance.  Other issues might need litigation and representation in the judiciary. In cases that need grants of probate, client concierges are also available. These services involve a lawyer or legal advisor who will stay with the client from the start till the end of the dispute. They are meant to serve the client at every step of the way, answering queries and providing insight by being the legal point of contact throughout the case.

Fields of practice

After a law student finishes their education, they typically write a bar exam that is universally administered. While taking the law exam, the students also need to decide the area of practice later on when they work. There are several popular choices:

  • Family Lawyer: Such a lawyer will work with family issues and conflicts. This may involve divorce cases, parent-child or adoption feuds. These cases require utmost care and time as they involve high-flying emotions.
  • Criminal Lawyer: This is self-explanatory. Such lawyers need to be expert investigators as criminal cases require a lot of documentation and exploration. It could be thefts, murders, or even homicide.
  • Probate Lawyer: Probate is a government document that validates a deceased person’s will to be a legal document. These are extremely sensitive cases that require diligence and empathy. Probate lawyers help clients acquire a grant of probate which will enable the client to be the executor of the deceased’s last will and testament.
  • Injury Lawyer: Injury lawyers work in settlement cases that either involve person injury or injury to properties like cars or buildings. This sector is closely tied with insurance. Such lawyers work to mitigate the problem by avoiding pressing charges through reimbursement.

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