Legal Requirements to Use Open Source Scan in the UK

Open Source Scan Converter is completely legal to use in the UK. Many people use it to play games on full RGB and the only legal requirement to use OSS is that you should own a console. So far no retro console companies have asked the UK authorities to regulate the use of open-source scan converters with their consoles and they have been used widely by retro gamers. To see why this is so, let us see what OSS is and what it does.

What Is an Oss Convertor and What Does It Do?

Outputs Sharp Quality

Retro consoles like NES and SNES were built in an era of CRT monitors. Cathode ray tubes work differently than our modern LCDs as they interpret RGB differently than CRT. Consoles were thus tuned to work on CRT and not LCD. When you connect a console on LCD, you are most likely to use some RAS passive converter that eats away a lot of definition. That is because it does not take in the video signal like the OSS convertor. Unlike OSS, RAS converters take the entirety of the video signal which includes chroma, luma, etc. and sandwiches it into one signal. This produces a lot of artefacts like blurry text, rainbow colours, and stuttering.

No Input Lag

Unlike RAS converters, which take the signals frame by frame, OSS takes in the signal line by line. This means that it is processing the Red, Green, Blue, and signal modulation all on different lines. OSS outputs individual signal lines and not one frame at a time. This results in much smoother frame times and zero input lag. Using the RAS converter makes you feel like you are using an emulator even though you are legally playing games on your console.

Eliminates Scaling

OSS removes artefacts and de-interlacing. That is because the entire video signal is converted if you are not using OSS. This causes interference in the RGB output. OSS removes such artefacts and gives true RGB output. What is even worse is that retro games were standardized at 240p. Combine that with bad scaling and you get an ugly picture quality. OSS can convert a 240 image into a 480p signal and even 720p if supported. This ensures that the correct image is displayed with true RGB colours.

Requirements To Legally Run OSS

There are no specific legal requirements to use an OSS convertor. As it is an aftermarket product used to enhance consoles, it can be used legally as long as you own a console. Although emulators are not legal if you don’t own a console, you can still use OSS with an emulator legally for testing purposes. We do recommend getting an actual console to see the true potential of OSS. Legally, you can use OSS with any retro console that supports the platform.

Bottom Line

An OSS converter can scan raw video signal from your retro console and output it on modern LCDs by processing the individual video components on different lines. If you own a console, you can legally use OSS to play games on your HDTVs.

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