Leekthough: A Prevailing Artist With An Irresistible Aura Loved By Millions

Leekthough, is a musical artist & business owner that has been gaining vast online interest. He aims to form a unique identity for himself within an excessively saturated industry. Achieving success at a very young age through his immense knowledge of music paired with avid fortitude. An Apple Certified [Apple Digital Masters] mixing and mastering master-mind, and passionate musician with a sonic many have not heard before. Leekthough has established a new genre with Soca Jones, “international cinema,” reaching multi-millions over the world. His international admirers continue to develop, resulting in his compositions, ranging from hype energetic dance hits to captivating melodic cinematic ambiances. Leekthough has set to establish a space for himself with his very distinctive music. Understandably more than a promising artist, using his deep understanding of the business of this industry to mauver through his vision.

Established in the industry for more than five years, he has emerged victorious launching his own media business LeekSeason LLC. An independent assembly and collective that offers its admirers an expressive way of living; through music and fashion. Super-producer Soca Jones accompanies him and adds his specialty and production that helps create a new surge of wonderful music propelling their names to the global stage. With Soca as the Executive Producer of Leekthough’s highly anticipated Studio Debut album “Luna,” millions globally eagerly await its release. Set to be released Spring 2023. They have succeeded in curating their inimitable genre brought to fruition through imagination and Spatial Audio.

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