Leather Telefoontasje bags

Telephone bags from Telefoontasje  packs are made of smooth cow skin, which is typical for this classification

Telephone bags are accessible in small and large configurations, check the deployment to see which pack is suitable for your telephone. Totally smart? Also, consider your next telephone # future.

Both telephone cases have the same plan. The Portemonnee bag closes with a press button. There are five MasterCard blanks in the telephone sack with RFID assurance. This way you keep scammers away from every experience. An ID window for your ID card or Visa photos and a zipper pocket for coins or small items. There’s also an important snare in this zipper pocket, so you don’t consider it everything.

You carry the telephone pack as a wallet in your grip or as a separate and customized shoulder tie.

This Ginagle Hide Pasjeshouder dames  Purse is an absolute must for women. This is a great wallet to connect your banknotes, coins, bank cards, charges or Visa, ID, iPhone, cell phone and much more in one place.

Genuine Leather:

Made of high quality calf fur, solid, strong, has an authentic hyoid delicate touch feeling.

RFID blocking:

RFID insurance is a barrier to preventing wholesale fraud.

Hold the wallet:

Suitable for iPhone or other cell phones and Visa, for wrist separation.

How does RFID security work?

Scamming, advance pick-up packaging and contactless theft are terms you will often hear of late. You constantly read messages in the paper or on information about people where their wallets have been stolen, without understanding them.

Where the criminal organization used to make a fuss to find your wallet, today the situation is very different. With the increase in contactless installments and payments from your cell phone, robbers have come up with faster ways to keep track of your records. In this blog you can learn about RFID Insurance, how Advanced Pick Pocketing works, how we have ensured RFID in our items and later in this blog we will share four important tips. How you can stop computerized pickpocketing.

How Does Computerized Puck Pocketing Really Work?

Obviously, we see significantly more in terms of cow bags and extras than in computerized picking. Useful thing, as well. All things considered, we may want to show you moment by moment how basic offenders can steal cash at a young age. You are the weakest when you keep your (installment) card free in your coat or paint pocket. Hoodlums can withdraw money from your records with a compact ATM by standing next to an ATM. It is easy to move in the subway, cable car or transport. Despite the fact that this is usually related to a limited amount (you have to enter your PIN code for a very large amount), it is still a misuse of the cash you deserve! Fortunately, stopping this frustration is very straightforward. Save your charge card in an RFID wallet.

Here are some facts about RFID insurance that we use:

A super denti layer of foil prevents radiation. The thickness of this sheet is 100 micrometers. 100 micrometer beauty. Extraordinarily thin. Especially as thin as aluminum foil many times and dent as many times as client paper!

This film fully agrees with the REACH standard.

Extraordinarily designed to protect against electromagnetic waves. It protects all relevant frequencies from 125 kHz LF to 13.56 MHz HF.

The sheet is unacceptably included in our shepherd’s wallet. While a wallet is standard these days with RFID insurance, our decision to fully handle RFID security of our calf wallet was very reformist. Even though all our calf wallets are equipped with RFID security, you can still remember them effectively in our web shop with the RFID logo. Each RFID wallet is similarly decorated with the RFID logo inside.