Learn to differentiate Between Education and Intelligence:

Are you a person who requires best grades from your children in school? Now let’s think about it thoroughly that what is the purpose of getting 90+ class in every subject? According to you, do you think that a child is considered to be intelligent when he or she gets good grades in their studies?

This stereotype concept have shattered many dreams of individuals and have acted as a huge barrier towards people and their careers.

Education is what a person learns and understands in social and formal settings such as school and classrooms. Intelligence is something which a person possess since birth. Intelligence can be seen and observed through the way, an individual learns something, and how he makes use of that previous knowledge.

Intelligent but not educated

You might have seen in the news that how a person who belongs to a village, who never attended school in his entire life, managed to invent something which helped all the villagers in their work. These examples are common and are always present on the top story of every social media.

It is the fact that the whole world knows and understands that the students who are average in class or the ones who are the back benchers throughout, are actually one who learn and understand things very frequently and due to this fact these students are analyzed to be far successful in their professional life then the students who were considered to be intelligent in class because of their straight As and high percentages.

Thomas Edison, failed to get educated as he was too weak in his studies in school. Due to this reason he was soon dropped out of school. After that he invented electric power due to which he is still known throughout the world. His success was based upon the intelligence he possessed.

Highly educated but have no sense

You might also have come across to those people who are highly educated, that is, they have a degree from well-known institutes but the personality they possess clearly shows that the person is not educated.

Try to remember how on social media people always complain about certain celebrities that they do not expect them to say something like that. Now their expectation was due to the reason that the personality of the celebrity showcased them to be educated, but in reality they were not, and clearly not intelligent as well.

What does being educated really mean?

If you think that being educated means that you go around stating the formula for the standard deviation, or have the mass of the earth memorized and encrypted into your head, then you are wrong. Being educated means that your personality should show the world that the way the person is behaving gives the complete hint that the person is educated.

Expectations from Intelligent and Educated people:

An educated person is expected to know about the science, technology and what not. But, see there are a lots of assisting platform like hnd assignment help UK and many others are full of educated people who don’t even know how to do a simple assignment.

Likewise an intelligent person is more likely to remember all information and knowledge that was provided to him a long time ago but an educated person wouldn’t be expected to remember all of that information.

People who are educated are required to have a specific personality, attitude and behavior through which their years of education and progress can be reflected. None of these requirements are needed for a person who is intelligent.

One year old child can be considered as an intelligent child because he remembers everything and learns everything rapidly but a one year old can never be said as an educated person because in order, to call a person educated it is necessary that a person should have a degree with them.

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