Learn Quran with Certified Teachers

Working hard consistently makes you reach your goal. But without guidance, it’s easy to lose direction.  A certified Quran teacher is equipped with the necessary skill set and knowledge to guide your learning process. The Quran is in Arabic and not everyone is a native speaker. Arabic is a delicate language with intricacies that only a trained teacher can help you understand. The other major reason is Tajweed i.e. the right way to read and recite the Quran is the way the Prophet (PBUH) did it. So, to achieve the precision required, learn Quran with certified teachers. 

Challenges in Learning the Quran

There are many challenges that students have to face while learning Quran both at basic and advanced levels. By understanding those challenges, we will know

Why do we need certified teachers to learn the Quran?

So, let’s learn about the challenges

Language Barrier for Non-Arabs

Quran is in Arabic and Muslims who are not Arabic cannot read it. They first need to learn to read the Quran. The next step is learning the language including grammar, vocabulary, and meanings. The first step is the recognition of the alphabet and its pronunciation. Then making words and read sentences. Then they proceed to recite the Quran in an Arabic accent. Without a certified teacher, this whole process which is the foundation for reading and understanding the Quran can go wrong.

Intricate & Complex Rules of Tajweed

Tajweed are the intricate rules to read and recite the Quran properly. This step is the most crucial in reading the Quran. A certified teacher knows and guides the students during recitation by providing continuous feedback and correcting mistakes.

Cultural Barrier Hindering Interpretation of the Quran

A certified teacher knows the Arabic culture. Arabic is an eloquent language, hard to understand. Knowing Arab culture, traditions, customs, and history is vital to understanding the context. These are essential ingredients for Quran interpretation, explanation, and understanding.

Immense Research Required to Decode Quran

To decode divine message requires knowledge and research in many diverse subjects. Few are

·         Arab language, traditions, culture, history

·         Seerah & Sunnah of Prophet (PBUH)

·         World History, Science, Economics, Finance, Social Studies, etc.

It’s a huge undertaking and overwhelmed students.

Benefits to Learn Quran with Certified Teachers

Why does having certification ensure better Quran learning?

Learn Quran with certified teachers in online Quran classes to ensure quality education as they know their subjects better and adapt their teaching style to student needs. Female teachers are also qualified and no compromises are made on this.  They can do so as they hire from all over the world and through a rigorous process. This helps them to only choose the best for teaching their students. Let’s see why a Quran-certified teacher is better at their vocation.

Master in their Subject

Master of their subject thus helping their students along the way. They not teach them but guide them to overcome obstacles that may come their way.

Customized teaching Methods

Adapt teaching style to students’ needs. If students aren’t picking up, they use a different methodology to deliver the lesson. Only a qualified teacher can gauge student psychology and needs and make changes accordingly.

Help Overcome Language & Culture Barrier

Understand the intricacies of the Arabic language and help solve issues due to the language barrier. The language barrier creates lots of confusion and a lack of awareness of Arab culture and traditions adds to it. A great teacher helps with these issues and makes students understand the context better, they do so by explaining to them the Arabic society’s customs, traditions history, etc.

Trained to Manage Syllabus

 Designing the right syllabus for a course and then breaking it down into sizeable chunks that a student can easily absorb. This skill helps in preparing the right content for the course and its delivery.

Understanding of Pedagogy

Certified teachers understand pedagogy. Which is the approach to teaching, learning theory, and practice, and how the process influences and gets influenced by the political, social, and psychological development of learners. This helps them to monitor and adjust the class environment to keep it engaging and interactive.

Online Quran classes by Academies including Al-Quran only hire certified Quran teachers to ensure quality education.


Certified Quran teachers in online Quran classes have a better grip on knowledge and skills than others. A comprehensive understanding of the subject helps them deliver the best education. They employ skills such as communication, lesson delivery, understanding student psychology, and problem-solving to adapt classes to the needs of students.