Learn now how to choose perfect furniture for your home

Furnishing the house is a task that requires smart options. After all, knowing how to choose perfect furniture is a big challenge, since you have to consider your own taste, the environment, as well as price and practicality for your day!

Even if you are very anxious – the moment of buying furniture is usually the most awaited – it is necessary to be calm and down to earth. At that time, patience counts a lot to research options that guarantee quality, strength, functionality and, of course, to check out some tips that we will tell you!

Continue reading and learn how to hit the nail on the head when choosing your bed custom furniture!

Find out how to choose perfect furniture

The first detail to consider is the characteristics of each room in the house and what can not be missing in each of them.


The bedroom, for example, must consider, above all, comfort. Especially because it is the sacred refuge after a long day away from home.

Therefore, in the room you cannot miss the bed, the wardrobe and a nightstand, which is sometimes considered an additional piece, but is extremely important for convenience. This small piece of furniture will withstand the light of a lamp so that you don’t stumble at night and that glass of water at dawn.


Here the essential is practicality, that is, functional and easy to clean furniture. This is a widely used space, and what should be prioritized in the kitchen is circulation, as it is not a good idea to be bumping into furniture with hot pots in your hands.

In the list of essential pieces for this room there is a large counter with a sink to give the necessary support. Of course, it is also essential to have several storage cabinets and even shelves, a trend in Scandinavian style. If there is space, a countertop – famous in American kitchens – is a good choice.

Living room

This environment requires the combination of comfort + beauty. This is because, in addition to being the main meeting point for the family, it will receive your visits during times of fraternization.

A cozy sofa that accommodates everyone in the house, a rack and the coffee table are basic. Armchairs, puffs, niches, sideboards and shelves can be added according to your taste and need.

Dining room

It is common that it has few elements and that you consider the passage space when selecting the furniture – nothing worse than people bumping into each other during the meal.

The choice of the dining table raises concern, but there is an infallible tip to get it right.

  • for 4 people: round (diameter) – 90 cm; rectangular – 120 cm X 60 cm;
  • for 5 people: round (diameter) – 110 cm; rectangular – 140 cm X 60 cm;
  • for 6 people: round (diameter) – 140 cm; rectangular – 180 cm X 90 cm;
  • for 8 people: round (diameter) – 180 cm; rectangular – 240 cm X 120 cm.

In addition, the buffet is recommended to support dishes and drinks, especially for those who enjoy being a good host.

The bathroom does not need a lot of furniture, so the pieces must have personality to assist in the decoration. What is indispensable for this space is the cabinet or a beautiful bench with drawers.

However, in this environment, storage is essential, especially to maintain a good aesthetic near the sink, which is usually full of products for daily use.

For those who keep many articles in this place, the tip is to invest in a bookcase with wheels, which is practical. The niches are also great supports, in addition to adding charm to the bathroom.

External area

Having an outdoor area available is a real difference in the quality of life of many families. To furnish it, you must consider the size of the land and the way you intend to use it – for children or for the family, for example.

Regardless of the option, the structure has to be resistant and the upholstery waterproof. Among the ideal pieces for this location are the sets of chairs and armchairs, sofas and comfortable chaises. To provide shade, if necessary, bet on the umbrella.

Know your space

There is no way to buy furniture: you need to know the footage of the place. Then, use the measuring tape or measuring tape to take the measurements. With annotations you can start to imagine the position of the pieces and make an outline.

Another option is to use an application to measure and store the numbers directly on the cell phone. Very practical, isn’t it? Ah, remember to count 90 cm of distance between the furniture to ensure the comfortable passage of people.

Define your style

The best way is to search for references on projects you like or on social networks. Set up your inspiration panel and don’t be ashamed to take it with you, as it will be your guide.

This step is very important. Imagine you want the minimalist style , but buy a lot of furniture and the house ends up overcrowded? In addition to spending more than you needed, your perfect design plans will be thwarted.

Consider your day to day

It doesn’t seem to be very relevant, but believe me: choosing furniture that has nothing to do with your routine can be synonymous with double work.

A good example is when you want to invest in classic, super detailed pieces, but you have a very busy life and you don’t have time for cleaning – and you don’t even have a person responsible for that. The result will be a constant dust, which can even damage the part.

So, think about the time to combine aesthetics with the ideal functionality for your routine! Consider, whenever possible, choose functional options and arrive at the style you want by investing in a decoration more directed to your purposes.

Analyze the quality of the furniture

During the purchase, the analysis must be meticulous, always considering the cost-benefit of the furniture. At this moment of research, it is important to note some aspects.

The first of them is the structure of the Custom Furniture. With that in mind, look for good quality structural material, such as solid wood and stainless steel. They may be more expensive, but they have greater durability.

The finish cannot be left out of the list either. To evaluate this item, it is worth betting on the practicality tip . Observe if the finishes correspond to the decorative style of the house. Also, see if the coverings and linings are easy to clean and be sure to ask about the quality of the upholstery.

In today’s world, it is essential to include design and technology in homes. The design must match what you want, that is, have your personality, directly or indirectly, reflected in the concept. The technology can be included in closing and opening doors, for example, as well as allowing the furniture to be multifunctional.

Choose colors carefully

What are the colors of the walls, the floor and the decoration ? This palette needs to be in your mind when buying furniture. This will prevent you from purchasing pieces that leave the environment dark or monotonous. Another problem that can be avoided is to mix the furniture with the wall, if that is not your intention.

To guide yourself, put together a color palette and abuse the color wheel. This tool shows primary, complementary and analogous colors that talk to each other!

Get the furniture arrangement right

Don’t feel bad if you don’t find harmony in the first class environment. In fact, this is super common. So play and switch positions until you feel comfortable with the space.

A good tip is to start the task with the biggest furniture – bed, sofa, kitchen counter – and allocate the smaller ones next. This makes it easier, since large elements are more difficult to accommodate in a finished composition.

 There are several details to pay attention to when it comes to furnishing the house. So, in addition to following our tips on choosing furniture, you can count on professional help from design  to purchase – with assistance it is more relaxed when it comes to getting the finish, color and style right.