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Davis Elvin History:

In the universe of time, this minute is unlike any other. Time is still the most controversial thing, but horology and a sense of fashion have helped us accommodate this great aspect into reality. Great fashion icons took this fusion of abstract and reality and added their specific taste to their brands. Girolamo was also a person who was surrounded by the fashion sense in the city of Milan, Italy. Inspired by modern culture with the aid of a bold mind, Girolama came into the fashion industry and became renowned for his excellent skills in creative thinking and boldness. Girolamo joined the field of watchmaking in 2001 and after roughly eleven years in September 2012, a new fashion watch brand came into being by the name of Davis Elvin. At the start of his watchmaking career, Girolamo moved to the city of Bern, Switzerland, the hub of watchmaking. DAVIS ELVIN introduced the ROMA series in 2019, incorporating deftly his artistic accomplishments with watchmaking craftsmanship, breaking the restraints of traditional watchmaking.

The design philosophy:

The best part of the Roma series is the unique design that is prominent in expressing what they mean. The designers injected the smallest details while choosing the theme design for every watch in the Roma series. The watches are greatly inspired by the distinct theme they want to express. Breaking the boundaries of formal or informal watches, this swiss-italic originated brand became unique in its taste to express the power of time and horology. The designs are not usual but are highly inspired by the scenarios such as space, Italy, architecture, life, etc. Every watch has a specific reason for its making and design, explaining the different concepts of life with elegant designs of colors and layouts. Such as the design daisy is inspired by the italic national flower daisy which represents the italic expression that people born with the blessing of this flower have a beautiful life just like elves. An Italy flag is also incorporated into that which gives a complete theme description of what the design was inspired to be. The designs don’t essentially follow the norms of horology but are considered a separate identity in the field of watches. Similarly, the space design is characterized by the presence of dark black color made on the theme of a spaceship that is beautifully incarnated into the design, another example of out-of-the-box thinking which was the foundation of what Girolamo was inspired of making. The designs go bold with their strong expression and express the theme covering the major and minor points in their making. The designs of the Roma series

follow similarities in the major design parts such as the tonneau shape, and the Davis Elvin logo on the crown, but the classes began to get distinguished when it came to the detailed theme work. This watch series is truly a piece of art. Along with the offline stores DAVIS ELVIN focuses more on the online, as the internet is handy for everyone and the brand has intended not to limit its product to a specific region but it has expanded its ways to reach every single person who wants to sound bold and unique. All these products are available online with worldwide access via websites and online stores.

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The horology of the Roma series:

Rome was not built in a day, this is not merely an old saying but is an explanation of why this series was named as Roma series. The word Roma was given after Rome, a place known for its gigantic and well-designed buildings. Roma series is the clash of lines, colors, and natural elements combined with humanistic thinking mixed with creativity forming a beautiful visual experience that is right on time with swiss technology. Davis Elvin is known for its features that are second to none in terms of quality, and creativity.


  1. Davis Elvin utilizes Swiss technology that is the most accurate in the world of watchmaking, known for its accurate time synchronization
  2. Roma series watches have modular case construction which means that the interchangeability of parts is extremely easy and the look of the watch is moldable.
  3. The dials have distinctive patterns where the themes match the personality and dress of a person which then can easily be selected.
  4. Every Roma series watch is handcrafted by keen designers who inject their experience of watchmaking into every single piece of the Davis Elvin watches, made and assembled in Switzerland.
  5. Davis Elvin utilizes Swiss technology that is the most accurate in the world of watchmaking, known for its accurate time synchronization.
  6. These watches come with a 3-year warranty that gives confidence to the customers and defines the reliability of Davis Elvin.


  1. TLCT carbon fiber material is used along with the titanium alloy that ensures durability and protects the movement.
  2. Wavy moire is utilized in the forging process of carbon fiber after matte 
  3. All the watch in this series has a titanium alloy crown tightly wrapped by the rubber ring, with a logo dotted on the crown.
  4. Davis Elvin knows the importance of comfort for that reason a fluor rubber strap has been introduced for comfortable wearing with a delicate touch. The material used is perfectly good for the skin and does not cause allergic reactions.
  5. The watch buckle is modified in detail to give it an aesthetic look and is easy to assemble and disassemble for easy adjustments.

Brand Intention and Final words:

The ideology of creating the Davis Elvin was to create a new stream of watch-making fashion, excellence, and to supply this trend across the globe. DAVIS ELVIN made the Roma series with the core intention of ‘dare to be different, dare to love’ by utilizing unique designs, the use of high-grade supreme materials, and the use of swiss technology for accuracy. The materials utilized are used in spaceships, and cars and are one of a kind for someone who dares to be different, and also represent the love for differences and choosing what feels right irrespective of the traditions of watchmaking. DAVIS ELVIN has online access all over the world, with the element of promoting classic products throughout the world and making it handy for everyone present in any corner of the world. DAVIS ELVIN’s worth has been shown across the world and has gained popularity since its formation and is recognized globally. It is super easy to buy these products from the website and for online product inquiries please check out the IG @daviselvin_watch and Fb @DAVIS ELVIN.

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