Learn More About Sports Medicine

If you are physically active, whether you participate in sports or regular exercise activities, you may benefit from sports medicine. Usually, when you live a physically active life, you are likely to encounter injuries frequently. You need sports medicine to help manage and treat your injuries. The sports medicine specialist West Orange expert, James M. Lee, Jr., MD, understands works with you to help you recover and resume your physical activities. They offer professional care to restore your physical function and improve your life quality. Here are more details about sports medicine and services to expect.

What is sports medicine?

It is a medical field that provides treatments for physical and sports injuries. Sports medicine also offers preventive measures to help avoid injuries in the future. Besides, it helps restore and strengthen your physical function after your injury.

A sports medicine provider works with different levels of athletes and sports players to help develop treatment plans that manage their weight, diet, and training. They provide treatments for various sports injuries, which consist of rehabilitation to bring a player back to the game.

What are the common sports injuries?

Some of the typical injuries experienced by most athletes include the following.

路         Muscle cramps

路         ACL sprains

路         Shin splints

路         Sprains

路         ACL tears

路         Fractures

路         Rotator cuff tears

James M. Lee Jr., MD, offers treatments to patients with minor injuries, focusing on preventing severe damage during training or competition. They design preventative training plans to enhance health and avoid injuries.

Does sports medicine only treat competitive athletes?

Sports medicine incorporates all patients that hope to improve their physical health. In addition to treating athletes, it provides comprehensive care to patients who wish to better their physical fitness or plan to begin their training in a particular sport. Sports medicine serves every sports player, including tennis or golf players.

What does a sports medicine treatment plan involve?

Your provider works with you as a patient to cater to your specific needs. The treatment begins with a comprehensive physical exam, including a thorough evaluation of your medical and family history.

Your sports medicine provider works with you to help you set your goals and achieve them. They also offer helpful tips regarding your favorite sport to help you stay away from accidents and injuries. They also teach at-home treatments for minor injuries.

Dr. Lee provides exercises to strengthen your injured areas, minimize your risk of injury, and better your performance. In addition to your sports medicine treatment, your provider offers dietary and supplement advice to support your healing and performance.

It’s advisable you seek sports medicine if you encounter the following during or after physical activity.

路         Severe pain

路         Numbness

路         Inability to put weight on the injury

路         Severe bruising

路         Swelling

路         Limited range of motion

Sports medicine treatments focus on relieving your symptoms as soon as possible to help you resume your physical activity. Here are among the common sports medicine treatments available.

路         Rest

路         Immobilization using a cast or sling

路         Placing ice on the injured part

路         Pain medications

路         Physical therapy

路         Surgical procedures

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