The statistics predict that the global wigs and hair extensions market will have an estimated value of 13.28 billion U.S. dollars by 2026. Huge numbers right from this you can see how much money people invest when it comes to wigs .Unlike before when wigs were only considered as a means to hide hair loss. The hair loss which might be the result of alopecia or chemotherapy treatment .But now wigs are not only used to hide hair loss or hair thinning but are used as a fashion accessory the credit goes to all the film stars, singers and celebrities out there who have made wigs so popular by not hiding the fact that they are infected wearing a wig like Katy Perry, the Kardashians, Bella Hadid, and many more celebrities who often choose to wear wigs in their concerts on the red carpet and even in movies. So what is the reason that makes wigs so popular .Well there are many reasons the most important reason being how convenient and time-saving these wigs are .In this article we will tell you about some types of the wigs and their benefits why we are only talking about some kinds of the wigs it’s because honestly there are too many types of wigs and all of them cannot be covered in one article.

Colorful wig

Have you ever seen a hair color completely different from the hair colors you normally see and you would be thinking how I would look with this hair color or there is a special color in your mind that you always want to dye your hair with but you never did? Either because you are not very confident how it will look on you, because once you dye your natural hair and it didn’t turn out how you imagined it you will be regretful what to do then .Well here’s a very simple solution for you .What could be more than easier and better than a colorful wig especially if it is made of human hair instead of synthetic wig because let’s be honest the synthetic wig not only looks fake more plastic-like but also lack styling options. I am not talking about the heat-friendly synthetic wigs which you can style differently with hot styling tools but is also more expensive when compared to other synthetic wigs .So here’s what we recommend .You should invest your money into human hair colorful wig not only it will look natural and feel natural but also comes with a variety of styling options .So you are getting the full worth out of the money you paid for and that is how it should be.

Benefits of colorful wig

Colorful wigs have many benefits some of them are as follows

1. Comes in a variety of colors

2. Protects your hair from the damage if you dye your natural hair

3. You can always dye the colorful wig in the color of your choice if it’s already not available

4. it’s a time savior

Now you must be thinking about where you can buy the best quality of colorful wigs made from real human hair. Luvmehair has the best quality of colorful wigs that are suitable for all the occasions depending on whether you want a formal mature look or a unique show stopper look. You have plenty of choices to choose from.

Glueless wigs

What could be better than human hair wigs as these wigs not only save your time as well as money from all those saloon visits? The answer to this question is glueless wigs. Not only do glueless wigs give you a boost of confidence but also save your time as they are super easy to install and completely beginners friendly , so it save you from the trouble of using glue and adhesives for installing the wig . Which if you are a beginner needs some time and lots of practice to get better at .The best option for you as a beginner is to invest your money in a glueless wig as not only you do not have to be an expert to install them but in fact, you can do it by yourself even if it is your first time to installing a wig. You can do it by yourself in your home.

Why you should not hesitate when buying a glueless wig

Often people become skeptical when they hear about glueless wigs especially when it is their first time. They become sacred with the thought of a glueless wig falling off their head .Personally even I would get embarrassed if the wig I am wearing suddenly comes off my head. Well like me you would be happy to know that glueless wigs do not come off your head easily. The reason is that glueless wigs come with adjustable straps, elastic bands, or stretch lace caps you buy them depending on which one out of these are you most comfortable with. Glueless wigs at luvmehair will ensure total equipment and security for you.

Curly wigs

Are tried like me trying everything just to make your curly hair look voluminous and shiny but still not able to get that perfect curly look no matter what we do. Well, I have a solution for all these problems which I am more than happy to share with you guys. I invested my money in human hair curly wigs. Guys I am amazed by the quality and the result I got. Not only was I able to save lots of money on all those hair products as well as salon visits but the curly wig made my life a lot easier to. Let’s not forget the compliments I got.

Why you should buy curly wigs

Here are some of the reasons why you should invest your money into curly wigs like me

1. Easier to take care of and maintain when compared to natural hair

2. Saves lots of time

3. Save lots of money from not visiting those saloons

4. Gives you the perfect curls you want without doing much

At luvmehair, there are lots of options available when it comes to curly wigs such as Afro or loose, curls with a natural hairline or with a fringe even lots of colors are also there such as mixed colors, sugar plum, cinnamon brown, etc. The best thing about luvemhair is that they can also make a custom wig just for you depending o the kind and color you want honestly what more can a person ask for.