Learn How To Wear Fox Eye Makeup with Few Steps

The "Fox eye makeup" is currently trendy. What exactly are fox eyes? Well, that wonderful wild feline look that is so fashionable among the renowned and that you will want to flaunt in each of your important meetings as soon as you meet. Because foxy eyes, as they're known, make you appear incredibly attractive and beautiful. We'll show you how to do the perfect fox eye makeup step by step so you can try out the trend for yourself.


Before we begin the makeup tutorial, let's learn a little bit about Foxy eyes. We know foxy eyes as an eye makeup procedure that allows us to obtain a ragged look and an extremely intense feline style, comparable to that of foxes, hence the name. For many years, we have talked about the desire to have a feline look, because cats have a highly intriguing aspect, and the torn form of their eyes is attractive. But, because fashion constantly wants more and we go to extremes, the fox style is currently popular.

In short, it is just almond-shaped eyes that look like a foot or a wolf, even if we rush and therefore elongate. The secret is not only in the way the eyes are defined, but the entire look, including the eye braces and, of course, the eyelashes, has its part to play.

To obtain foxy eyes with the cat-eye technique, you must also have a good pulse and draw a correct and exact outline. Having good tools usually adds up, therefore purchase the following items: a liquid black eyeliner, a white pencil for the eyes, and toothpicks and micellar water with these, you're ready to begin applying eye makeup using the foxy eyes technique that we'll show you step by step next.


Begin by drawing the shape you want on your eye. The first step is to use the figure you want to accomplish as a reference so that it assumes this shape, which is a triangle in this example. Trace it as finely as possible in the area closest to the insides of the eyes. Don't forget to emphasize the triangle's shape, but only the triangle's shape. Then we'll get back to work.

The second step is to finalize the pattern by entirely filling the triangle within so that it extends from the tear line to the eye corner. Use a beige or white pencil to do so. You choose one of your favorites.

The third step is to shape the brows. First and foremost, you must get them to stay in place, so comb the eyebrows and, if required, use gel to keep them in place. What we want to see is that the brows remain straight. Don't be scared to pluck your brows if necessary. Although you should get prior counsel, the shape of your brows is very crucial for gaining expression on your face, regardless of the makeup style you employ, or even if you do not wear makeup.

Fourth, we'll concentrate on the eyelashes. If we generally want our eyelashes to belong and upward, opening the gaze, what we want with foxy eyes is for the eyes to be slanted, which requires the eyelashes to be groomed to the sides. Keep in mind: almond-shaped eyes.

However, the lids take center stage in the foxy eyes, so blend shadows in dark and neutral tones, with a preference for brown and black. These colors provide depth to the overall look. Don't forget to highlight the portions that are further away from the eye, from the end of the tear duct to the lash line.

Furthermore, if your foxy eyes style makeup is complemented by a hairdo that emphasizes the face, it will be seen more and the effect will be tripled. As a result, if you like it, take advantage of the opportunity to comb your hair by creating hairstyles that allow you to see your face clearly. For example, a ponytail and similar hairstyles.

Keep an eye out for dark circles!

It is pointless to apply beautiful makeup if we have black circles from not sleeping for two weeks. If you notice that your eyes have dark circles under them, work on concealing them. How should it be done? Let's see how it goes.

Apply a base on the lid to cover the black circles and add three colors, giving not only depth but also brilliance. The first thing we do is to visually extend our eye into the black shadow (a light brown is handy). We shall apply to the outside and also the eyebrow in line with the tear duct. We shall apply it in the socket.

Then we use the darker tone to draw a more defined outline. Finally, we save the light tone for the middle of the appearance to brighten it up.

Now that you've learned how to wear fox eye makeup, you're ready to see how it looks on your face. So, what exactly are you waiting for?


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