Learn About the Three Industries Applicable for the Temporary Skills Visa

 When you have plans to migrate internationally, it can become difficult because of the many processes you have to go through. Usually, they can work using their tourist visa. However, getting one also takes some time because of the lengthy process. But if you are currently working in a specific industry, you may get the chance to work in Australia when companies notice your skills.

Usually, large-scale Australian companies tend to hire migrants to work for them because of the lack of skilled Australian workers in that industry. If an Australian company wants you to work for them, you will need to get a TSS Visa to be permitted to work there. You also need to learn at least three industries that are applicable for the visa. 

The Technology Industry

The first industry you need to know about is the technology industry. Nowadays, everyone relies heavily on technology to help with their daily activities. Gone are the times where most workers use primitive tools because technology has significantly increased in terms of functionality and efficiency over the years. 

If you are currently working in the tech industry and an employer plans to sponsor your expenses, you should consider yourself lucky because you can easily work there through the use of the TSS Visa. You can find many tech workers in Australia being fairly compensated because of its growth in technology adaptation. 

Australia is constantly looking for skilled workers outside of the country because it increases their economic status and states short-term gaps. You can find tons of jobs in the tech industry that boost the economy, such as ICT trainer, hardware technicians, database administrator, analyst programmer, ICT support engineer, network administrator, and many more. 

Energy and Infrastructure Industry

The energy and infrastructure industry is responsible for providing energy to millions of Australians. These include electricity, gasoline, oil, and natural gas pipelines, etc. Australia has been an international innovation leader in infrastructure delivery, financing, and planning. However, due to several problems, including the aging population, COVID, technology disruptions, and urbanisation, it has been not easy to attain that spot. 

It is the reason most Australian energy and infrastructure companies are hiring skilled migrant workers to get to the top in becoming the leader in global innovation again. Sadly, hiring Australian workers for this industry has been difficult because of its lack of engineers. The numbers for students graduating has slowly decreased, putting more strain on the industry. 

Some jobs that the industry hires include geologists, engineering managers, civil engineers, chemical engineers, fitter welders, surveyors, and industrial engineers, to name a few. 

Healthcare Industry

The demand for healthcare is also the same for the other two industries mentioned previously. The healthcare industry also has the largest workers to use the TISS visa program, but they still require more skilled healthcare workers. Since the aging population in Australia is steadily increasing, the number of health practitioners grows with it. 

You have jobs related to the healthcare industry, including general medical practitioners, various specialist physicians, anaesthetists, various registered nurses, midwives, etc. As long as you have the skills for these jobs, Australia will notice your skills and give you the chance to work in their country. 

These three are only a few of the many industries that you can use the TSS Visa with. You need to talk with lawyers if you have any specific questions about the visa to understand it better.