Learn About Teachers Training Courses And Get An Online Certificate

Undoubtedly, today’s youth of the country is tomorrow’s leader. The one who is responsible for preparing youth for the future is the teachers. Since teachers play a major role in the success of the youth, they must be fully skilled and have excellent educational backgrounds. This is why attending teachers’ training courses has become important in the country as it allows teachers to have continuous knowledge so that they can render the same to their students.

Teachers’ training courses

Teachers’ training courses are meant to teach teachers about skills and knowledge required to perform certain jobs. Since continuous changes occur in an economic, social, and technological environment, these training programs are specially arranged to help teachers adapt the same. These courses help teachers in attaining efficiency, knowledge, professionalism in their work.

Suraasa has brought several certificate courses for teachers in India that would help learners in learning new skills and keeping up with the demands of today’s educational sector all across the globe. Some of them are discussed below:

Assessment and Evaluation Techniques

In this training course, the teachers will be taught about different types of assessment techniques and how they are applied. After attending the course, the teachers would be able to use rubrics in the assessment. Additionally, they would also be able to conduct, record, and communicate the assessment judgments.

 The learner would learn about the following skills:

  • Summative and formative assessment
  • Creating holistic rubrics
  • Analytic rubrics
  • Assessment and evaluation etc.

Curriculum design and development

In this training course, the teachers will understand different approaches and methods of designing and developing the curriculum. They will also get to know about the steps by which a curriculum is designed. After attending the course, they would be able to plan, design, and develop the whole curriculum.

The following skills will be taught in the training course:

  • Meaning and importance of curriculum development
  • Differentiation between the educational standards and curriculum
  • Different types of curriculum
  • Different phases in the development of curriculum
  • Approaches to the development of curriculum
  • Evaluation of different approaches to curriculum development
  • Curriculum mapping etc.

It is a 15-day course which is taught only in the English language. The course is available in all the countries.

Child Protection and Safeguarding

In this course, the teachers would be made familiar with the best practices for the protection and the safeguarding of the learners. They will be taught about the legislation related to child protection. Their knowledge about different types of abuse, its symptoms, and rightful actions to protect their interest would be developed through the course.

The following skills will be taught in the training course:

  • Understanding child sexual abuse
  • Different types of abuses
  • Traumas that children usually face as a result of sexual abuse
  • Symptoms of child abuse
  • Role of educational institutions in curbing the issue

This is a 14-day duration course which is taught in English and Arabic language.

Delivering Teaching and Learning Online

In this unit, the teachers will be able to gain knowledge and understand the use of tools and techniques which are required to deliver lessons online. With this course, the learners will understand the online distance teaching and learning approaches. They will be able to design instructional content and activities. Additionally, they will be able to plan and design online lessons.

The following skills will be taught in the course:

  • Online T&L tools and techniques
  • Key theories on online learning
  • Best practices and strategies for online T&L and their implementation
  • Subject-specific online assessment tools
  • Creating a lesson plan for online T&L
  • Activities and plans for online T&L

The estimated duration for the training course is 21 days which is taught in the English language. This course is available in all the countries.

How to Manage an Online Classroom

This unit helps teachers and school authorities to run successful online classes by managing students’ learning irrespective of the learning management system being used. After attending this training course, the learners would be able to effectively use the learning management system. They would also be able to manage the student behaviour in the class which is conducted online. Additionally, they would also be able to use online feedback strategies for parents and students.

The following skills would be learnt through the course:

  • role of the teacher in an online classroom
  • Edu-tech classes and learning technologies for today’s classes
  • responsible and safe use of the technology
  • effective teaching time in a classroom
  • optimising learner achievement
  • rendering learning support for learners

The estimated duration of the course is 14 days. The learning mode is self-paced and the English language is used to teach the learners. This course is also available in all the countries.

Boosting Employability

This training course would help learners in developing their knowledge and understanding about skills that are highly required to excel in a job interview. The knowledge about various aspects of pedagogy like child development, learning theories, lesson planning, and assessment will be provided to the learners. Furthermore, the learners would be able to build a strong impressive profile after attending the course.

Skills that would be learnt through the course:

  • Depicting professional conduct during the interview process
  • Key principles and methods of differentiated instruction
  • How to construct an effective lesson plan with the help of learning taxonomies
  • Nuances of the interview process
  • Creating customised assessments as per the needs of the learner

The estimated duration of the course is 20 days. It is a self-paced learning course that is rendered in the English language.

These are the courses that would help learners in excelling in their field of education. These courses not only serve towards the betterment of students’ future but only prepare teachers for their prosperous careers.

If you also want to join high-quality comprehensive certified teacher training courses, then you must visit Suraasa and explore different options available.