Leading 3rd party Manufacturers and Exporters of Pharmaceuticals from Pakistan

Over the past few years, Pakistan has progressed in numerous fields including pharmaceuticals. There is massive progress in the production of pharmaceutical products in different domains. Many pharma companies have started operating in different cities, enabling everyone to get their hands on medicines without any hustle. A huge number of medical products are being manufactured inside the country, using international standards and modern technologies.

But do you know one of the most amazing facts about producing pharmaceutical products inside Pakistan? By producing pharmaceutical products within the premises of Pakistan we not only treat severe illnesses with cost-effective means but also improve the export rate of the Pakistani Pharmaceutical Industry. And so many leading pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan are producing more drugs than needed by the population and being of competitive standard & economical being exported so that they can generate more revenue by exporting medicines to different countries boosting overall exports of the country.

The pharmaceutical industry has been providing 1.5% of the total GDP growth over the past two years. If we look at the facts of the Fiscal year 2020, we see that Pakistan Pharma Industry contributed 1.17% of total GDP growth while the ratio decreased to 1.13% in the fiscal year 2021. We hope to see a visible raise in the export rate of medical products by the end of the fiscal year 2022. However, the top participants who play a big, vital, and noticeable role in increasing the exports of pharmaceutical products from Pakistan are as follows.

Wilshire Labs

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Wilshire lab is one of the oldest and most notable pharmaceutical manufacturers in Lahore. This pharmaceutical company was established in 1982 and its operations are spread all over the country now. With constant effort for more than 4 decades being DRAP, and cGMP-certified manufacturing experience,

Wilshire has established its name among the leading pharmaceutical brands in Pakistan. This company produces a wide range of supreme quality pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and natural products. Accommodating national and worldwide needs of medicine, Wilshire has a large number of distributors all over the world. With more than 20 branches over the world, Wilshire is a source of employment for almost 901 qualified personnel. This leading company is serving the nation with 351 best medicines so far.


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Located in Wah Cantt, Maxmedchem is another noticeable name in the field of leading pharmaceutical exporters in Pakistan. This company has been working in the field of medicine for over a decade now and has made massive progress in providing quality treatments. A fair amount of medicines produced by this company are a part of Pakistani exports. Maxmedchem exports its medicines to multiple countries across the globe.

These medicines contribute not only to the GDP but also to the reputation of the Pakistani Pharmaceutical Industry. This company has built a progressive relationship with hundreds of clients across the globe including the top 500 pharmaceutical enterprises. Maxmedchem’s modern warehouse includes both raw materials and finished products, and is manage by ERP management.

Don Valley Pharmaceuticals

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Don Valley Pharma is one of the top Pakistan-base medicine manufacturer companies located in Lahore. This company has been serving people inside and outside the country since 1995. Not only a reputable manufacturer but Don Valley is also one of the top 3rd party pharmaceutical manufacturers in the premises of Pakistan.

With over 123 distributors all over the globe, Don Valley has been providing cost-effective and quality medicines for over a decade now. Don Valley Pharma has been awarded the 45th FPCCI Export Achievement Award. Don Valley has been exporting its quality products to over 18 major countries of the world. This company has recorded the highest sales of almost 15 million dollars across Pakistan, African Regions, and Asia and has carved a niche for itself in the majestic pharmaceutical industry.

Don Valley is surely one of its kind of pharma companies in Pakistan with such a big vision and company profile. This company is always indulged in manufacturing the best medicines as well as expanding the accessibility of their medicines in domestic and foreign pharmaceutical markets with an increasing number of distributors. You can find an entire collection of their medical products on their official website.

This company has been providing the highest quality anti-infective, cardiovascular, gastroenterology, anti-epileptic, anti-anemic, vitamins, anti-depressant, diabetes, and analgesic medicines, multiple nutraceutical products such as cough preparations, Vit D3 & Calcium preparations, Multivitamins, etc. Don Valley pharma is already exporting to Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Iraq, Burundi, Philippines, Cambodia, and many other countries.

Apart from manufacturing, distributing, marketing and exporting quality and economical products Don Valley Pharma is delivering its social responsibility by empowering women, ensuring cultural diversity at work, assisting flood affectees via drugs donations & free medical camps with NGO’s like Alkhidmat foundation Pakistan, assisting ailing segments of society by managing free consultancy clinics(APKA clinic) and many more.

Genetics Pharmaceuticals 

Genetics Pharmaceuticals is one of the oldest yet very well-known medicine manufacturers in Pakistan. This medicine manufacturing company is making massive progress in introducing psychotropic drugs. Genetics Pharmaceuticals own 2 mega manufacturing units where high-quality medicines come into existence. The medicines produced by Genetics Pharmaceuticals are utilize by millions of people in the whole world. 

This best pharmaceutical company exports its quality medicines to a large number of countries. So many people takes benefits from this pharmaceutical company by affiliating their employment with Genetics Pharmaceuticals. Genetics Pharmaceuticals is a progressive company who is working on the manufacturing of top class and highly effective medicines. It includes Orthopedics, gynecology, anti-infective, pediatrics, and general well-being. 

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Sami Pharmaceuticals

Sami pharmaceuticals is one of the leading pharmaceutical company in pakistan which is home to hundreds of medicines. The management of this company is working effortlessly for the betterment and development of the society’s health. Hundreds of medicines including Provas, Romero, Racada, Mevulak, Magura, Lacasil, Orglu, Penorit, Pralzo, TEpH Insta, Tonoflex, Ulcerix, and so on. These medicines are use for different treatments.

Sami Pharmaceuticals has a special program named as iMed. With the help of this program, Sami Pharmaceuticals tests its medicines. It observes every possible reaction, assessment, collection, detection, and every possible side effect of the medicines. This program is ran by a panel of medicine experts.


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