Easy Ways to Use Live Chats to Increase Lead Conversion

Introducing the chat feature on your website or Facebook page is just not enough. You should aim at making the best use of this feature and generate leads through it. This can only happen if you are aware of what your customers want. For me, receiving an instant reply to my live chat is essential. Recently, I had to inquire about Spectrum Mobile plans from the company. I started live chatting with a rep and all my queries got answered within minutes.

Here is all that you can do to generate leads from your live chats.

Be Available 24/7

The customer won’t see what time it is before placing a query with you. It is you who has to cater to this. You have to ensure that reps are available round the clock to answer any concerns that the existing or potential customers may have. You can also consider chatbots. Opting for them would mean that you do not need human employees at all times. Which is better because chatbots do not sleep. Moreover, you do not have to pay a wage to your chatbot. Hence, making the whole process not only automated but economical as well.

Initiation of the Chat at the Right Time

The customer might not make the first move when it comes to live chat. He will only interact with you or your company in case of any concern, issue or query. It is you who should break the ice with the visitor and try to chat with him. One thing is for sure that you won’t receive the same type of visitors on your website. Each visitor will be different from another. From idle shoppers to comparison makers, you will have to entertain all types of them.

It won’t be the best idea to start a live chat with a visitor who has been on your product page for quite some time. You can subscribe to software that allow you to track all features that your company can eventually use to target just the right visitors. Hence, benefiting your business.

Your company should consider installing the live chat feature on pages where you have the call to action toggle. That is where most visitors’ queries will most likely come from.

Present a Human Face

In case you are not making use of chatbots, you should make sure to present a human face to the visitors. People are more comfortable chatting with a human being than robots. Hence, adding a thumbnail of the person chatting with them will make the visitors more comfortable to chat. They will be more willing to share their concerns as well when the customers know that their answers get answered by a human.

So, consider adding a thumbnail and name of the rep that is chatting with the visitor.

Address the Pain Points

Some companies think that it is not essential to address the pain points of a customer. However, that is one of the most essential things to do. If you wish to gain customer loyalty, then you should address what gives them pain. It won’t hurt you to swallow the loss at times. Especially when you are addressing your customers’ pain points in return. By doing so, you are more likely to earn a loyal customer for life. And this is essential for your business as the same loyal customer will speak good about you to others. You would know exactly what a good word of mouth is capable of doing.

Valuable Suggestions

When a customer chats with you, apart from addressing his concerns, try to offer something valuable to him. You can give a price suggestion as well. If the customer thinks that chatting to your rep was not a waste of time but the exact opposite, I bet they will keep returning to you for more. Because they will feel that the reps know their stuff, can give valuable suggestions, are capable of resolving issues within minutes, and actually listens. 

And when customers feel that they are being heard and taken seriously, they’ll feel like an integral part of your business. Well, actually they are. But this message should be conveyed to them as well.

For example, if the rep is talking to a customer who is showing a disappointment in the way a product is designed, he or she should let the customer know about a product with a different design but similar features. This way, the customer will not consider switching to another company. And will have the impression that your company has something to offer to everyone. Talking to a rep from Spectrum support, I was impressed by how he knew exactly what I needed: an affordable mobile plan!