Launching a GoJek clone app to become a key player in the market

Many entrepreneurs in the market have launched their multiple on-demand services under the same brand or name. Such business owners will find it hard to manage their business with multiple apps. After the launch of the GoJek app in the market, many app development firms came forward and provided apps similar to GoJek at pocket-friendly prices. This benefited many business persons who offered multiple on-demand services in the industry. They adapted this customizable and white-labeled app solution and launched a single app with all the services. 


What are the major services available in a GoJek clone app?


The multi-service clone app consists of vital services that will be helpful for the people. Any number and any type of service can be added to the app. Its services include:


Taxi services:


This app will include a taxi service. Users can book rides instantly or schedule them. Drivers will arrive at their pick-up points and will drop users safely. Following that, users can pay drivers and rate them. 


Food delivery services: 


With this service, users can place food orders from their favorite restaurants, and delivery executives will deliver them at their doorsteps. This will avoid travel expenses and time consumption. 


Grocery delivery services:


Customers can place requests for groceries and other essential needs via the online app. Delivery agents will collect the items from respective stores and deliver them to users. Payment will be made through the app itself. 


Plumbing services:


You can also include the on-demand plumbing service to the app. Plumbers can accept user requests and reach their locations to serve them. They will receive payments after the commission cut-down once the service is done properly. 


E-wallet services:


With the help of the e-wallet service, users can quickly and efficiently carry out transactions and pay for services or products using the wallet. 


Packers and movers service:


This service available in the app will help users pack all their belongings and move them safely from one place to another. On placing a request, professional packers will reach your location and help you move. 


Apart from these key services, other additional on-demand services can also be included in the app based on your choice. 


Crucial app attributes of the GoJek clone app:


The GoJek clone app has a set of essential features that should be present in the app. They are listed below:


Social media account login:


Users can log in with their social media accounts. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., are compatible with the app. 


Scheduled appointments:


Customers/users can schedule their requests or appointments by mentioning the correct location, date, and time. They will be reminded about the appointment via push notifications. 


Multiple language display:


This feature will help users view the app in the language of their choice. It helps users across the globe use the app. 


Live location tracking:


Geo-location will enable users and service providers to track each other’s location effortlessly. 


Payment gateways:


The app will also include several secure payment gateways to help users pay for the service or product easily. 




Users/customers will also be able to view a detailed bill for each service they avail. It will contain information such as type of service, base fare, and more. 


Price management:


The admin can set the base fare, surge fare, and more with the help of the powerful admin dashboard. 


App notifications:


Offers, status updates, and more will be sent to users via emails, text messages, and push notifications. 


Availability slide bar:


With the help of the availability slider present in the service providers’ dashboard, they can display their status of availability. 




Build an app with all the aforementioned services and features to become a hit in the market. Hire a suitable firm and launch a GoJek clone app today.