Latest web design trends every business must know today

A business website designed well and optimized in every way can help create the best impression in the visitors while increasing the sales, reach and profits for the business entity. For small businesses, web designing is in fact one of the biggest business assets. A powerful web design provides an easy and hassle free avenue to reach out to customers. Businesses must put in a lot of creativity, innovation and also the knowledge of current trends in the web designing industry to get the best out of their web designing project. Keeping abreast of the developments around you is a very important step to achieve this. Here are the latest trends in the web design domain every business needs to reflect on.

Artificial intelligence

Over the recent past, artificial intelligence has grabbed the biggest attention from the web designers and businesses. This technology provides the greatest benefits to businesses. In fact, the big names in the digital world including Google and Yahoo are investing in this technology and this gives enough reasons for every small business to incorporate it in their websites in a variety of ways.

Mobile friendly website

Nowadays, over 90% of the customers access websites on their mobiles. Only those websites that work with the mobile first approach can hope to effectively compete with their competitors today. This can help avoid the errors in display when the sites are viewed on the mobiles and also help the search engines rank the sites high using the mobile friendly features as a criteria.

Innovation in colors

The latest trend in the web design technology prefers gradient color scheme. The outdated solid colors have long back lost their appeal and gradient color scheme appears to add more value to the user experience.


Micro-interactions is yet another focal point for websites you must think of. Tis means including more interactive elements in the designing. We can say that viewers accessing the sites on their small devices like mobile phone will benefit a lot with these micro interaction tools. Micro interactive elements add more life and productivity to your website.

Enhancing the clarity and depth

While optimizing the originality of the content, one aspect to focus on is to enhance the clarity and visibility of the site. This is achieved by overlapping the elements that are in different colors. Sometimes, shadows are employed to enhance the feel and impact of the contents.

The role of 360 videos

Businesses have now started realizing the great impact that 360 videos can create in the users. This awesome technology has in fact taken the marketing domain into strides. A lot of small business owners are fast switching to this new technology. This technology excites the users as they are able to view the videos from multiple angles.

Complex layouts

Today, web designing for businesses make ample use of complex layouts. This feature helps merge complexity and creativity in an effective way to match with the tastes of the users.

Working with accomplished Calgary web design companies can give you a winning edge over the other businesses in your domain while you design a new website or revamp your existing one.