Latest Tips to Properly Clean Your Car Body

We all like to have the impeccable car, both inside and outside, since a clean vehicle always transmits a better image than a dirty one. However, for our vehicle to look like new it is necessary to perform a good cleaning periodically, especially if we park the car on the street, where dust, rain, sand and mosquitoes become our main enemies to keep it in perfect condition. According to Emanualonline Reviews, it should be noted that a clean car also improves the safety, comfort and condition of the vehicle.

Next, the Race gives us the keys and advice necessary to perform a quick and easy exterior car cleaning.

Tips for quick and easy exterior car cleaning:


You have to be very careful with the sand that gets through the grooves of the vehicle and sticks in the body, especially if we are in beach areas since if all the sand is not removed well before rubbing the car with a sponge or a rag, we will scratch the body paint. To remove all the sand it is advisable to use pressurized air, although if such a cleaning system is not available, a lance can be used with pressurized water without a brush.

As for the saltpetre, a very thin layer of salt that remains fixed on the body, it is very important to remove it with water, since it is very corrosive and harmful to the paint. If the vehicle had any area with the paint raised, the salt could oxidize the sheet.


Bird droppings contain a lot of acids, so we must remove them as soon as possible because if we do not they can corrode the body paint. If at the moment we cannot give water with a hose, it is advisable by Emanualonline Reviews to use a tissue to remove the excrement and then, when we can finish cleaning it with water. Mosquitoes that stick to the front of the car can also cause damage to the paint, so it is recommended to remove them as soon as possible.


The tires are usually the most neglected parts of the car, since we do not usually pay much attention to its cleaning and maintenance. It should be noted that they are not only stained by the dirt of the asphalt, but also by the grease and dust that the brake pads give off.

To clean the tires we will need a bucket of warm water, neutral soap, a brush, a microfiber cloth, a brush made of silicone bristles and some special product. It is not recommended to use acidic cleaner since they can leave stains; The best option will always be a neutral product.

Steps to clean car tires :

  • Pour water under pressure to give it a general cleaning.
  • Apply the special tire product and let it act for the time indicated in the instructions.
  • Rub with the microfiber cloth or brush.
  • Clean the most complicated holes with a silicone bristle brush.
  • Rinse with plenty of water.


The fastest and most comfortable method when washing the car is the car wash, although we will achieve a better result if we wash the car with the hose under pressure or by hand with a bucket and a cloth, what is known as “detailing”. The only drawback of the last two manual washes is that they require much more time.

Finally, to obtain a perfect result, it is essential to dry the car with a microfiber cloth. It is important to insist on the ceiling, on the headlights, on the chrome details, on the rear view mirrors and on the glass. For more read Emanualonline Reviews.