Latest SmartGraft FUE Hair Transplant Technology

There is no Joy like having your hair grow after a spate of balding. You can be assured of hair lasting hair growth when you use a fue hair transplant. It is just one surgery that can work as a hairline lowering surgery, regrow thinning hair and bring back hair on a total bald.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a method of hair uproot from the backside of the head. Unlike Follicular unit extraction (FUT), a strip of skin containing hair is collected by the surgeon and a scalpel. FUE is an innovative way to improve hair grafting.


What is SmartGraft?


SmartGraft is a tool to help doctors to remove hair from the scalp with high precision. The high accuracy in the uprooting also leads to less trauma than traditional surgery. The tool works by gently taking the hair grafts by suction and storing them in heat-controlled environments.

The hair roots are kept hydrated and kept healthy before grafting. The tool ensures the best results due to ideal uprooting and storage procedures. Most of the grafts gotten by smart grafts grow to healthy hair due to fewer damages.

Since the tool is meant for hair removal, it is programmable and can be used for rapid hair removal, shorter grafting times. The convenience allows patients to go back to work quickly after completing the hair graft session.

The fue hair transplant is a less surgically invasive procedure that involves removing hair roots from the back of the scalp (donor area) to an area with bald or thinning hair. A realistic hairline is made, and single or grouped hair grafts are placed in the area to create a more natural-looking hair.

Since the surgery is not physically intrusive, there is less risk of injury. As each follicle with the hair gland is moved without extracting hair from the skin like FUT, more is achieved in one swoop.


How to perform an FUE graft


A patient is encouraged to shave their hair in the surgeon’s direction before the hairline lowering surgery. In case the patient is unable to, the surgeon will shave off the hair from the donor area and the graft area so that it is easier to carry the hair follicle with the least damage.

Local anesthesia is given to the scalp to numb it and reduce pain since the graft is conducted with an awake patient.

The surgeon uses a micro punch tool such as a SmartGraft tool to make tiny circular incisions to extract hair follicles from the scalp’s back.¬†

 Unless using a SmartGraft, which punches and suction the hair from the scalp, the surgeon will be using tweezer-like tools and placing them on ice to remain viable for grafting. Every single follicular unit has one to four hair follicles. 

The surgeon makes a series of tiny canals or incisions on the designated hair thinning areas. The holes are made using a microneedle to be small enough for the hair follicles to fit. 

Hair roots are meticulously placed into the canals to face the same way as the normal hair. They are planted apart till the surgeon is done with the work. When done, the incisions are closed up and bound for recovery.


Pros of FUE


  • The FUE grafting does not leave behind scaring marks as no scalpel is used.
  • The donor section looks normal two weeks after the fue hair transplant.
  • The hairline lowering surgery creates a natural hairline; there is a natural swirl recreation using identical angulation and direction.
  • You get lasting results as the hair does not go wrong, not old age.
  • The surgery is less sharp due to the lack of a scalpel in the entire graft.
  • Most patients get natural hair as the grafted hair is from the same person hence has the same color and thickness.
  • Patients enjoy treatment without much trauma to the body.
  • The graft takes a short period of 8 to 12 hours rather than months of therapy.
  • Patients can see lasting results after six to nine months.
  • There are very few side effects linked with the FUE hair graft tech.


Cost of FUE Hair Transplant


Hair grafting is costly, but the results promised by this tech overturn any costs linked with the surgery. That is due to the lasting effect that comes with the surgery as well as natural-looking hair.

The cost linked to the hair graft varies depending on the size of the hair to be grafted; Those with larger patches of bald have to pay more to get the service. Under normal times, the cost varies significantly between $4000 to $1500 per graft.




We can be grateful for one thing in the 21st century; tech is coming to our aid to solve man’s most standing issues. FUE is one of the many gifts that tech we have got to eradicate balding totally. Anyone should do the level best to get the best in hair graft using FUE.¬†

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