Latest Phulkari Dupatta to make you fall for Punjabi embroidery

When we talk about Phulkari Dupattas, they are already one of the trendiest add-on clothing we have in the Indian fashion industry. Any kind of suit when paired with a phulkari dupatta can uplift your whole look.  And the best part is these phulkari dupattas come in many great colors.

Phulkari’s work is an authentic artistic clothing piece for Punjabis. It is known to be one of the most cherished traditions of Punjab. Phulkari designs are said to be the most intricate craftsmanship in our country.

The exclusive stitching techniques and the minute intricate embellishments and embroideries make phulkari widely loved. India is known for its traditions and its regional variety. Indian regional craftsmanship has outlived generations and for good.

Punjabi salwar suits are the most loved outfit of Indian women. As they come in a great array of variety in patterns, prints, designs, and colors. When phulkari work is embroidered on Punjabi suits dupatta, there is nothing as beautiful as them.

A phulkari dupatta brings brightness and a refreshing look to you. With a solid color Punjabi suit, all you have to do is add a phulkari dupatta and be all ready for any event you feel like going to.

You can even go for printed or detailed suits with a phulkari dupatta. All that matters is how you want to look.

 Fabrics like Jute, georgette, or khadi when stitched with multi-color embroidery make this distinct from other embroideries. You’ll find all the designers of these niches reinventing things according to only. Things you should know about phulkari dupatta trends, which will make you fall in love with Punjabi embroidery

  • Phulkari Dupatta with plain suits

When a phulkari dupatta is paired with a monochrome suit, there is nothing that matches this outfit’s elegance. This outfit looks rich and refreshing with the phulkari dupatta. A suit made of cotton or cotton silk can look more vibrating. And if not you can even wear a phulkari kurta to look more enchanting.

  • Punjabi suits with phulkari dupatta

Punjabi suits consist of a Patiala salwar and kurta which itself is a great attire. A phulkari dupatta when paired with such Punjabi suits, is extremely loved by a wide population. An Indian-tone suit like pink or red when paired with detailed embroideries and an intricately designed dupatta can make you look breathtaking. You can buy wholesale sarees or kurtis with embroidery or mirror work. They pair well with kurtis too

Pairing this outfit with jhumkas, Kundan jewelry, and a pair of juttis can make you look stunning.

  • Traditional phulkari dupatta colors

Phulkari dupatta’s main element is its color. The thing that makes these phulkari dupattas so loved and popular is their availability of color. If you talk about traditional phulkari dupattas they come in mainly four colors that are red, blue, black, and white.

If we talk about the latest trendiest phulkari dupattas, they are a great fashion accessory to add to your wardrobe. The color of the threads is what makes these phulkari dupattas stand out from the crowd. Colors like green, red, white, yellow, and orange are such which are used traditionally on these phulkari dupattas.

Along with the fabrics, the threads have gone through many evolutions to make them loved widely.

  •       Red phulkari dupatta

As we talked about earlier, a solid set of kurta and Patiala, when paired with a red phulkari dupatta is more ravishing. When planning to wear something elegant choose a solid white salwar suit and pair it with a detailed and intricate work phulkari dupatta to look one of a kind. Do not choose a printed salwar suit as it may not let the phulkari dupatta be the highlight. If you want a refreshing and vibrant look to choose a yellow kurta with your red phulkari dupatta.

  •       Black phulkari dupatta

Black phulkari dupattas were seen and women won’t buy women’s as their daily wear outfits. As black dupattas don’t show stains, which is a great advantage to the wearer. But as time evolved these black phulkari dupattas became statement apparel for women.

A black suit or a white salwar suit when paired with a black phulkari dupatta which is embroidered with golden threads and embellishments can make your look luxe. If you step out in search of black phulkari dupattas, you’ll find many great options to choose from. This dupatta can be paired with yellow and red suits too

  •       Yellow phulkari dupatta

A must-have dupatta is a yellow phulkari dupatta. This phulkari dupatta brings elegance along with color and refreshes. If you want to have a very bright and eye-catching outfit, pair this yellow phulkari dupatta with a blue suit.  As yellow is a bright color, don’t go overboard with your suit color. To make this outfit more beautiful, you can wear juttis to match the salwar suit.

  •       White phulkari dupatta

The ideal dupatta every woman should own is a white phulkari dupatta. This white phulkari dupatta is a very versatile add-on clothes a woman owns as it looks great with every outfit. The most classic and elegant outfit one can wear is a white phulkari dupatta with a white salwar suit. Pairing it with a yellow kurta and palazzo set can be amazing too.

  •       Pink phulkari dupatta

The latest set of phulkari dupatta has this amazing pink phulkari dupatta which is a must-own. Suits of the color blue, black, and white are such which go amazing with this dupatta. Wearing other brighter tones can subdue the look of this pink phulkari dupatta, so try to avoid pairing it with other brighter tones.

  • Phulkari Dupatta designs

A luxurious and elegant phulkari-designed dupatta can be worn. These phulkari dupattas come in great embroideries making them perfect for every occasion. The look of phulkari dupattas comes from the color of the thread and how densely it is stitched. You can visibly see the stitches of these thread work on the border of this dupatta. Or you can even get a dupatta which has an even distribution of this work. These dupattas are seen with mirror works too.

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