Latest Hit In The Fashion Market: Surbhi Jyoti X Bunaai

Making it big in the fashion industry is not a piece of cake. With so many big brands and top-grade designers in competition, capturing the market and appealing to the customers is not so easy. One has to constantly engage in creative brainstorming, and offer to people something they would want to have. Even customer preferences have become very specific and aware in the past few years. Internet and E-commerce have offered a diverse range of choices, and they’re free to select what they seek the best!

Despite all this competition and complexities in the market, many brands have established a worldwide reputation. Many indigenous fashion lines have come up over the years and have become very popular among customers. E-commerce has provided them with a platform to showcase their talent and reach out to more and more buyers without utmost ease and flexibility. One such brand that has achieved great success in the Indian fashion industry is Bunaai. Coming from the city of Jaipur, Bunaai brings out its rich culture and heritage in the most breathtaking way possible. The designs in themselves are a reflection of Rajasthani tradition. Dealing with Indian women’s wear, it has become a top choice of customers when looking for that perfect traditional outfit. Bunaai’s main idea is to blend today’s modernized fashion trends with the evergreen Indian culture. It offers to its women the most stunning designs, ensuring both quality and comfort. It wants them to feel beautiful and confident in their skin, without following the current trends blindly. Fashion along with comfort and individuality is their priority.

Bunaai, founded by Pari Poonam Choudhary, has achieved shining success in the fashion industry, and it continues surprising its customer with fresh, unique designs. As for now, it is all set to launch a new collection for the coming festive season. With a splendid mix of vibrance and subtle beauty, this brand’s new fashion line will be represented by the very famous Indian television actress Surbhi Jyoti. Titled as Surbhi Jyoti x Bunaai, this collection is delicately handcrafted in beautiful georgette, organza, jacquard, cotton fabrics with intricate embroideries. Beautifully crafted in radiant hues, Surbhi Jyoti x Bunaai is decorated with sparkling sequins and gold and silver zari threads. It incorporates the majestic and royal cultural heritage of Jaipur. With Surbhi Jyoti as its leading face, Surbhi Jyoti x Bunaai is all set to conquer the traditional fashion market. An extremely talented and popular face in the entertainment industry, Surbhi’s charm and alluring personality will now be the perfect representation of this new fashion line. It will add a touch of glamor and authenticity to the brand. Owing to Surbhi’s widely acclaimed fame, Surbhi Jyoti x Bunaai will reach more and more customers. Its intrinsic and irresistibly appealing designs are what every girl needs this fashion season. The high-quality fabrics not only give a rich, classy look to the outfit but also ensure comfort.

Surbhi Jyoti x Bunaai is all geared up to be launched on the webshop on 8th July 2021, and will surely be a massive hit among women. It unconditionally matches the customer preferences and brings out an ideal mix of fashion and tradition.