Latest Features in Shift Management Software

Small business owners often struggle with managing employee schedules and shifts while ensuring their employees are available when and where they ought to be. There was a time when managing shifts across multiple offices meant printing out copies of schedules and distributing them.

When you can not only manage your employees’ schedules but also set shift preferences, send updates to your employees, gather analytical insights and minimise the risk of non-compliance with shift management software, why would you go for manual rostering?

What are the benefits of shift management software?

  • Modern technology and advanced algorithms make it easy to automate.
  • It improves HR processes and operations, taking a lot of stress out of HR managers.
  • There is less room for human errors and inconsistencies
  • Allows you to track your employees’ activities in real time.
  • Gives absolute transparency into your employees’ work.
  • Can assign flexible shifts.

Let us take a look at some of the latest features that the shift management software from Humanforce has to offer your business.

Mobile App (Onboarding & Rostering)

Software systems that track employee attendance allow them to clock in and out via smart phones, thus removing any risk of physical contact. Humanforce’s mobile app lets workers input their preferred availability and book time off.

One HR trend that has emerged as the lasting result of Covid is remote working. Businesses shifting to remote work have started to analyse the skills employees will need to collaborate digitally and prepare strategies to adjust employee experiences accordingly. If you are still allowing your employees to work remotely under COVID-19 restrictions, then this is an excellent option.

Roster scheduling

Shift management software can be used to create a compliant schedule with no risk of human error that can be received via email or the mobile app. You can even micro manage your workers via the software where workers know exactly what they need to do and when they need to do it. In addition, the in-built app message system will enable them to message their manager directly if they have any questions or concerns.


Shift management software allows you to plan your teams’ schedules by including all of the information you may need, such as working hours, duration, days off, and time zones.  The shift management software allows for flexible shift shuffling and swift swapping between employees and the software updates and informs all the concerned teams about the shift shuffle and swap.

Automated reporting

In addition to generating automated reports, the software is also able to generate analytics to identify gaps and formulate future strategies.

Geo-fencing capabilities

With shift management software, it is easy to track employee attendance in real-time as well as in a real-world geographic area. This is possible because there is a geo-fencing capability where you can set geographical areas to limit where an employee is permitted to clock-in and clock-out. It also guarantees that when an employee logs in, it is done by the right person from the right location.

Customers’ satisfaction is paramount to keeping your business growing successfully and shift management software can bring huge benefits to businesses as they satisfy the demand for its products or services. If you are ready to upgrade to Humanforce’s shift management software, visit our website to know more.