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Latest Bathroom Tile Design Ideas You Could Implement In Your Abode

Gone are the days when people had concrete bathroom floors. Now, you can see tiled bathroom floors in every modern home, restaurant, and other place. It is the best material for the bathroom because tiles are beautiful, durable, and slip-resistant. In addition, tiles are easy to clean and maintain and last longer than concrete floors. 

A wide array of options makes matching your bathroom and home decor easier. These tiles can provide an aesthetic appeal and give a timeless look to your bathroom, which is enough to impress your guest. 

You can see your options in stores like All Area Tiling. In this article, we shall discuss some trending bathroom tile designs, so continue reading to know more. 

Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

1. Subway Tile Accents: Subway tile is trending nowadays, and it’s here to stay for a while because it’s the most versatile design option. It offers a timeless and classic look and simultaneously gives a modern and elegant look. They come in various materials, designs, and patterns to add drama to your bathroom. You can also change the look of your subway-tiled bathroom with contrasting colors. 

2. Glass Mosiac Accents: Glass mosaic accents are yet another elegant design that can blend well with modern bathrooms. These tiles add a wonderful pop of color and shine to your showers, backsplash, and recessed shelf, which makes it a statement. You can create framed accents or stripes with glass mosaics. They are also available in different patterns and colors, which can meet your taste and preferences. 

3. Large-Format Tiles: Large-format tiles are great if you want to create an illusion of a big bathroom. The tile slabs are bigger in size, which means they cover a larger area at a time, making them easier to clean. Large-format tiles by Bathroom and laundry renovations Adelaide bring elegance and a modern vibe to your bathroom, which is very catchy and attractive. 

4. Mod Vertical Tiles: This type of wall tile can be used in different bathroom styles and give a completely different look. All that matters is how it is laid. Mod vertical tiles are amazing for modern yet playful bathrooms. These tiles are mostly narrow and navy blue in color, which can add a pop of color against white floors and ceilings.  

5. White Penny Tiles: Small details are said to know an impressive and long-lasting impact on people, so impress your guests and relatives with white penny tiles in your bathroom. These are ultra-large-sized tiles made of porcelain, giving intricate shapes which allow them to stand out boldly. They are usually available in neutral colors to give a calming effect, but you can find them in dark colors. 

Bottom Line

Bathroom tiles can enhance the look of your bathroom and make a solid impression in front of your guests. There’s no end to bathroom tile designs which can also confuse you. Make sure to choose the right one to meet your needs and preferences. You can also see your options in textile stores like All Area Tiling