Laser Technology Applicability On Metal

Laser Evolution

Laser technology is leading the world today with its massiveness leaving everyone amazed due to its usage in many fields. Before the start of 21st century, lasers were extensively used in scientific research, military weapons, in medical field for diagnostic purposes, medical surgeries, bar code scanning, printers, welding and etching. It is used in nuclear fusion & fission, use for drilling and exploring for oil. Precisely speaking, now it seems true that laser is being used anywhere, on any object including human beings body & skin. 

Laser & Metal connotation

Laser & metal association with each other is of utmost importance creating a deadly combination with laser marking and laser engraving metal techniques.

Whether the metal is soft or hard, these are marked accurately by using different laser techniques with marking, engraving deep in metal and sometimes without damaging the surface with annealing, a popular laser usage method.

Similarly, the best fit metals being used in the laser marking and engraving so far includes aluminium, stainless steel, anodized aluminium, alloyed steels, titanium, titanium alloys, brass, carbides, copper, precious metals like gold, silver and coated metals.

Laser technology on metals for Industrial as well as commercial promotional usage is the prevalent category in the laser engraving metalbusiness.

Industrial laser marking metal is mainly used for doing product labeling, industrial tags, traceability, data matrix codes & serial numbers. Whereas, it is used for commercial purposes like promotional items, Mugs, key chains, signage, personal belongings, logos, photos, texts, business cards, debit cards and credit cards.

Advantages of Laser Marking

Laser technology is widely accepted and successfully adopted in market due to its everlasting benefits.

  • It is cost efficient production because it does not include consumables like inks, chemicals, sprays etc. It does not involve pre or post treatments
  • Marking is done in seconds due to which production rate is higher
  • Its permanencyfeature is good for traceability and quality assurance purpose
  • Incredible laser design can be made with the laser. Even we can engrave 1-point fonts and tiny shapes which is eligible
  • You can produce colour marking on stainless steel with the help of laser. 

Laser Machine Purchasing Features

Laser machines are used for personal as well as professional use. In order to purchase any laser machine, following points needs to be kept in mind:


The most important factor is price and budget which only one person is able to understand.

Software Compatibility:

Software compatibility is very important for laser engraving and cutting. You can force all of your work into software which is one way and another option is to create something in software which can be transferred to the engraver later.The included software is costing less however it will hinder the creative ability due to its limitations.

Material options are also important feature because few will only work on softer materials like mugs and few will work on metals. So you need to be particular about the specific machines in order to ensure timely process.

There is another important thing which is the connection options required to connect the software with machines. It can be connected with the USB, Bluetooth or a wireless interface. However, wireless technology can also be used to less occupy the workspace.

Machine size and specifications should also be considered as per your own space availability.

However, machines in 2021 are designed by researchers and technical staff keeping in view all these points.